Amman, May 2021: the German Jordanian University (GJU) has recently signed a cooperation agreement with Migrate to provide students with training at its different offices and projects throughout Jordan. The training duration is 160 hours per student, with the possibility of extension. Students will receive a certificate after completion of the training.

Migrate is a leading business services company that assists in empowering companies and organizations to access new growth opportunities through local ownership, participation, and expanding into and out of markets in addition to global franchising.

Migrate proposes a holistic approach and an integrated philosophy to make businesses realize the profitability and value of their endeavors. Through a fully equipped operational engine, an inclusive but carefully measurable step-by-step approach, and a thoroughly supporting partnership, limitations are eradicated and businesses flourish.

Moreover, Migrate will support GJU students to find a real business experience internship placement for 20 weeks at one of Migrate's offices in Switzerland. With the assistance of Migrate, direct relationships between GJU and Migrate offices in Switzerland will be built up.

Additionally, GJU academic staff and students will have the opportunity to conduct research and graduation projects at Migrate’s facilities. In addition, Migrate will deliver lectures, presentations and special training programs to be included within the university’s study plans. In turn, the GJU academic staff will be extending lectures and training programs within relevant fields to the Migrate team.

On the recruitment level; Migrate will present GJU graduates with the chance to join its team and will be introduced as well to all Migrate clients by sharing vacancies with the university, whilst organizing student field visits to Migrate’s premises and projects in Jordan on a regular basis. 

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