Amman- 9 November 2020

With more than 80 viewers GJU’s first Dual Studies Online Event took place on November 4, 2020 broadcasted on GJU’s Facebook page.

Aim of the event was to discuss and promote the benefits of Dual Studies and to exchange current experiences from lecturers, students and companies.

GJU’s Company Relations Coordinator Ms. Dana Baghdadi moderated the event and gave a brief introduction about the idea of Dual Studies and how this concept is implemented at GJU in the opening.

This was followed by Mr. Emad Hatamleh, an Industrial Professor and Dual Studies Coordinator at the Logistics Science department. Mr. Hatamleh emphasized that the work experience students get at their partner companies is priceless and cannot be taught within a university classroom. Besides technical knowledge it adds interpersonal skills, such as communication, problem solving and decision making abilities.

Rahmeh Helalat, a third year Logistics student and Mohammed AlFaraj, a second year Industrial Engineering student, were describing their experience as dual students. Mohammed explained that his motivation to join Dual Studies was the idea to differentiate from other students, by adding practical experience to his University education. Dual Studies provide this opportunity. “My experience was very beneficial from the moment I started writing my CV and filling up job applications to the moment I became a part of my partner company, Dar al-Hai, in this young age.”, he stated.

Rahmeh has already completed two practical phases at Aqaba Logistics Village. Her practical phases even had two special challenges, as she was working in a male dominated field and had to organize her daily life completely on her own in Aqaba. Mastering these tasks built on her self-confidence and changed a lot in her personality. “I got more mature, I can see it and other can see it too.” She told the audience.

The private sectors view on the program was given by Ms. Mariam Abu Sabah (Talent Acquisition Officer) representing Umniah and Ms. Sawsan Taqi-Eddin (Logistics Manager) representing Petra Drug Store. Both companies are Dual Studies pioneers who have joined the Dual Studies Program from the first intake in 2019.

Ms. Abu Sabah pointed out that Dual Studies are a win-win partnership, as the company has the chance to train students according to their needs. They have seen that students are gaining communication skills, improving in their ability to work under pressure and solving problems. For Umniah joining the program is on one hand part of their social responsibility but at the same part of their recruiting strategy.

Ms. Sawsan Taqi-Eddin explained that Petra Drugstore treats their dual students as if they are employees, this includes working hours and following internal regulations. For the second practical phase a project was handed over to the student, to handle it on her own responsibility. This approach has proven to be very beneficial, both for the student and for the company.

Both representatives encourage other companies to follow their model and become part of GJU’s Dual Studies family.

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