Amman- 2 October 2019

During an international week at the Reykjavik University on 12.09.2019, the head of the International Office of the German Jordanian University, Mr. Jens Hegemann, met on behalf of the president Dr. Manar Fayyad with the president of Reykjavik University (RU), Prof.Ari Kristinn Jónsson, to conclude a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Despite the fact, that Reykjavik University is still a young university, it is high-ranked on the new Times Higher Education list (THE). In the citation index, Reykjavík University is ranked first place worldwide along with six other universities. This is measured by the number of citations, proportionally, i.e. how many times scientists cite research findings from RU scientists in peer-reviewed articles.

This MOU establishes the framework through which both universities foster and develop a cooperative relationship between them through different aspects such as Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility(ICM) program, and Joint research activities, besides the participation in seminars and academic meetings. 

This visit follows an invitation to the German Jordanian University to participate in the international week at Reykjavik University, in which many international universities involved in Erasmus+ have participated.

The German Jordanian University was represented in this international week with a delegation headed by Mr. Hegemann, two staff members and two exchange students who are enrolled in Reykjavik University for one exchange semester as a part of the Erasmus+ collaboration for study mobility. Through a dissemination table in the international week, both German Jordanian University staff and students had the opportunity to present the study programs at the GJU and discussed new ways of collaboration with the GJU.