The German Jordanian University (GJU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Jordan Green Building Council (JGBC) which aims at enhancing the bilateral cooperation in developing scientific researches in industry and education, vocational training as well as providing graduates with job opportunities.


The MoU was signed by the Vice President of the University Prof. Manar Fayyad on behalf of GJU’s President, and the Chairman of the Council Eng. Abdullah Bdeir on behalf of JGBC. The MoU provides that workshops and meetings should be regularly held between GJU and JGBC in order to evaluate common activities and develop new fields of cooperation.


The MoU also provides that the two parties should participate in special events and activities such as open days and career days, like the “Green Job Fair”. Furthermore, JGBC will assist students in securing internship opportunities with the green building sector.


Prof. Manar Fayyad pointed out that GJU is seeking to strengthen the green building culture, through its programs which are focusing on the environmental sensitivity and encourage such "green building culture".


For his part, Eng. Bdeir said that such agreements especially with academic and educational institutions are very important to serve and develop the green economy in the region and also to provide students with the first–hand experience by its requirements of conducting local and international industry trainings and internships.


The event was attended by the GJU Vice President for International Affairs Prof. Anton Mangstl, Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Majed Abu Zreig, Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Yousef Al-Abdallat, Dr. Arwa Abdelhay, representing the School of Natural Resources Engineering, Dr. Ismail Hinti, representing the School of Applied Technical Sciences and the Director of the Office for Industrial Links Britta Kähler, as well as representatives from JGBC.


The Jordan GBC is a cross-sector nonprofit Non- Governmental Organization registered at the Ministry of Social Development. JGBC is part of a global network of more than 98 GBCs worldwide and holds the authority to represent the World Green Building Council (WGBC) in Jordan. JGBC has now become one of the Board Members in the World GBC and will also be serving as the Chair of MENA (Middle East and Northern Africa) Regional Network. JGBC vision is to evolve and expand into a recognized regional leader in developing and implementing innovative green building practices in every possible aspect as well as introducing, promoting and advocating for appropriate green building concepts and practices in the Jordanian Building & Construction sector.


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