During the first week of September 2017, a group from the Nanolab team at the German Jordanian University (GJU) participated in the exchange activities that took place at the Institute of Microtechnology (IMT) at the Technische Universität Braunschweig (TU BS) in Germany. These activities are fall under the framework of DAAD funded projects:

"Inertial focusing for continuous nanoparticles separation in femtosecond laser 3D micromachined curved channels"
This project is funded by the German Exchange and Academic Services (DAAD) through its transformation program: German-Arab Research partnerships with partner universities in Tunisia, Jordan, Morocco, Libya or Yemen.
As one of the main objectives of such a great program is change by exchange, the Nanolab team participated with IMT team in several activities in Braunschweig such as: training on microfabrication in the clean room facilities or using femtosecond laser, microfluidic chip fabrication and testing using hot embossing technique as alternative to Softlithography- PDMS, scientific presentations in the SPhere symposium and social programs.
In addition, the Nano lab team visited the IaF- Institute of Adaptronics and Function Integration and get introduced to the institute facilities and run experiments related to vibration damping and piezo electric sensors and actuators. Another event was a visit to the KUKA Roboter Niederlassung Nord, where a basic training course was given on how to control the KUKA robot using the control panel.
It is worth mentioning that project leader: Prof. Ala’aldeen Al-Halhouli and two of the Nanolab team members: Dr. Wisam Al-Faqheri and student Imad Al Rabadi spent the summer at IMT working on fabricating and testing new separation chips using the Femtosecond laser and performing simulations on particles tracking in microfluidic channels.