Amman- 9 July 2019


The German Jordanian University (GJU) congratulates former Vice President for International Affairs, Prof. Dorit Schumann on her new position, the President of Trier University of Applied Sciences.

The professor of Business Administration and Logistics succeeds Norbert Kuhn

Schumann has worked for the past three years at GJU in Amman-Jordan as the International Vice President and as a professor of Logistics.

She had taken her leave from the University of Fulda. There, she was most recently a scientific director of the research network "Fulda University of Logistics and Mobility". The official inauguration of Dorit Schumann expected to take place on the 1st of October, until then, she wants to be a regular presenter at the University of Trier.

The Senate of the University of Trier has elected Prof. Dr. Dorit Schumann as the new president of the university. The Professor of Business Administration was able to convince the higher education board by having the majority of the votes.

After her studies and doctorate at Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, the future president worked in Germany and abroad. Since 2004, she has been a professor at Fulda University of Applied Sciences, specializing in Logistics, conducting research on topics related to Humanitarian Logistics.

From 2009, Schumann officiated the office of Vice President for Research in Fulda, and since 2016, the Vice President for International Affairs at the German Jordan University in Amman. There she was responsible for teaching, research, knowledge transfer and representation of the university in all German and European affairs, until the end of June this year. In the end, she quit Fulda University.

The University of Trier is one of the strongest cooperation partners of the German Jordan University for more than ten years. In the last five years, 20 students from Jordan were able to study at the University of Trier. The contact with the University of Trier resulted from delegation visits of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Trier and the former President of the University of Trier, Norbert Kuhn.

The official inauguration of Dorit Schumann is expected to take place on the 1st of October, until then, she wants to be regularly present at the University of Trier.

Dorit Schumann is looking forward to her assignment at the locations in Trier and at the Environmental Campus in Birkenfeld: "During my discussions at all locations and with all departments prior to the election, I was very warmly received and provided with much information. With its practice-oriented teaching profile and application-oriented research, the university offers great opportunities and a broad range of subjects. For interdisciplinary teaching, research, and innovation, as well as for internationalization, these are excellent prerequisites."

In addition, she will be involved in higher education policy throughout the state and nationwide for the University of Trier in cooperation with other universities.


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