Amman- May 7, 2017


The Deanship of Students Affairs at German Jordanian University inaugurated the Counseling And emPowerment Services (CAPS), which is a high standard referral system; helps in covering virtually all cases , considering the Jordanian laws pertaining psychological well-being and individual protection. 

During the Opening Ceremony Professor Natheer Abu Obeid, President of German Jordanian University said that CAPS-GJU reflects one of university missions that seeks to reinforce and emphasize in students and society, considering that the student is  a citizen has rights and duties, and that the university has also an important role in students accountability, when they make a mistake, in order to strengthen  the concepts of citizenship and respecting  the law.

Mr. Fadel Alhoumd , Secretariat General  of Family Affairs Council  asserted that  CAPS-GJU  is the result of the productive joint work between the University and the Council for a pioneering initiative that has great importance in enhancing  student self-awareness regarding their psychological well-being and promoting mental health under the theme of empowerment.

Dr. Omar Al-Shubailat , Dean of Student Affairs pointed out to the GJU’s support for CAPS-GJU, and said that students have the advantage of traveling to Germany for a full academic year, which makes them more likely to gain deep experiences that sharpen their personalities. This reflects the responsibility of the university to prepare them for academic and scientific experience, and CAPS-GJU  will be a complementary work of GJU regarding  that. 

Dr. Ikhlas Ahmad from University of Jordan and the Supervisor of CAPS-GJU gave a detailed presentation about CAPS-GJU and clarified its importance and objectives that including helping individuals overcome their immediate problems, to spread empowerment awareness and to enhance coping skills.

She also mentioned some of CAPS-GJU values like confidentiality, privacy, protection and no- discriminatory services.  

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of local and national institutions concerned with psychological counseling such as the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Social Development, Institute for Family Health, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, the National Center for Human Rights, Jordan River Foundation, Higher Council for Affairs of Persons with Disabilities and specialized schools in universities.

It is also worth mentioning that GJU seeks networking with these organizations through cooperation agreements to amplify the effect of the CAPS-GJU.