Amman- 11 December 2018

On Friday, December 7, 2018, the 3-day 5th annual GJUMUN2018 conference in Madaba was declared open under a theme entitled “The Recall”. More than 150 people from a wide range of Jordanian Universities participated for the aim of debating and tackling various socio-political and economic global issues, in the presence of the president of GJU Prof. Manar Fayyad, the Dean of Student Affair (DSA) Dr. Raed Khasawneh, faculty members, honorable guests, and participants students.

Prof. Manar Fayyad expressed her gratification, and admiration in her mesmerizing speech, for GJU’s students who managed to launch the 5th annual GJUMUN conference despite their young age.

She emphasized:” Every University is appraised by its graduates, neither by its machinery nor its bricks, but only by those who add to their society, commonwealth, and civilization”. She also expressed her gratitude to the sponsors, funders, and organizers for giving life to GJUMUN’18.

The president of GJUMUN’18 conference, Ms. Aya Hamzeh as well as her fellow secretariat team opined to involve debates concerning the alternative decisions that may have been adopted back at the time to mutate the consequences reflected upon our world’s reality today or at least part of it.

The floor was then yielded to GJUMUN’18 honorable guest, Dr. Wael Alashhab. His honor’s speech comprised a brief summary of his journey and long life experience in the United Nations since its establishment. He, therefore, communicated with the delegates the United Nations missions, vision, and accomplished goals in terms of solved conflicts amongst nations worldwide. He conveyed his delightfulness and pride towards Jordan’s youth for devoting attention and effort towards solving global issues.

President Aya Hamzeh and the distinguished secretary general Mr. Hanna Abu Judom welcomed their delegates and fellow participants to GJUMUN’18 introducing them to the conference.

Delegates were entertained by a short video portraying the topics that are going to be tackled during the conference in different councils. Moreover, some administration members as part of their MUN task lined up on stage to act out a short sketch manifesting a wide variety of countries’ flags.

The committees reached a compromise as per the following: Security Council, Disarmament commission, Human Rights, Arab League, General Assembly, and for the first time in its history, GJU welcomed this year the International Court of Justice to its family of commissions.

Prior to the opening ceremony, on a tar- black sky December evening, heavy rain and gusty winds stinging through one's flesh, in the chaotic heart of Amman, bright university students gathered in Jabal Amman to hatch the 5th Annual GJUMUN18 conference. Delegates gathered up in their committees as part of their lobbying and merging mission to generate solutions- containing resolutions.

Some of the distinguished delegates were interviewed to reflect upon their past experiences and their GJU MUN conference experience. “I see it as a learning experience, anything you start off bad at is a chance to grow.” delegate of France in the Security Council said. Due to their enthusiasm and passion towards MUN and tackling global issues to solve conflicts, some optimistic and lively spirited delegates took double delegations instead of one! This in fact portrays and projects the openness of GJUMUN to embrace new experiences as such.

During his visit to Jabal Amman, Dr. Raed Khasawneh stressed the importance of such events claiming that “the idea of organizing, allocating different roles, freedom of speech and working in teams is the key to personal development and readiness for their future careers.

“Two words, right decisions. How do we make the right decisions? One word: experience. How do we experience? Wrong decisions.” Dr. Khasawneh claims that the key to conducting successful decisions is committing negative actions.

He added, “We should strive to make good decisions. I believe that youth should intervene in every aspect of today’s society for the sake of future generations. He continued, “Being exposed and educated about the world is the key to success.” elaborating that any decision on a professional global level affects our private lives, therefore it is important to be part of it.

It is incumbent to mention that since its establishment, GJUMUN has since become a domestic event observed yearly by mainly university students and high school students from different regions of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the GJU campus in Madaba.

Every student is allocated with a particular country to present. Delegates, therefore, stimulate opposing views and counter-arguments concerning their suggested resolutions. Moreover, distinguished chairs and presidents participate by facilitating debates amongst delegates and counting votes for amendments and agreed upon resolutions that satisfy all parties involved.

The conference aims to help students who are enthusiastic about socio-political, economic, and environmental global issues to pursue their passion. It also aims to cultivate student’s personalities, develop their skills, and further expand their intellect for a brighter future. Dr. Raed Khasawneh emphasizes, “Individuality is not the key to success; it is us working hand in hand for a prosperous and fruitful future”.

The GJUMUN team would like to express their gratitude for the skilled & creative press members who contributed in writing the articles;English Article: Sara Nusseibeh - Arabic Article: Mohammad Sinuqrot & Yomna Bataineh