"How GJU supports refugees and what it means for you "

Amman- 4 February , 2016


The International Office at the German Jordanian University organized a kick of meeting for the group of roughly 300 GJU students leaving to Germany soon for the German Year.    

This year, the opportunities - both personal and professional - for students in helping refugees or working on refugee related issues during their German Year was a special theme for this farewell meeting, and was stressed by all speakers.

For his part Prof. Natheer Abu Obeid, GJU President urged the students to open up to the world through the exchange experience that they are going through in Germany, and to work constructively to be accepted to the German people and culture also to be  outstanding ambassadors of their country, especially at a time where both countries are tackling a part of the Syrian refugees issue, and working hard to integrate the refugees to the societies.

A representative from the German Embassy, Cultural Attaché Mr. Sperberg extended the German ambassador ‘s best wishes to all the students  who are expecting to go to Germany, as he also reassured them that German people are very welcoming and they will have a comfortable environment  to study and  do their internship.

Dr. Henrike Hilgenfeld, GIZ Advisor for the project “New Perspectives through academic Education and Training for young Syrians and Jordanians”, and Ms. Nora Sinemillioglu, the new Director DAAD Information Center Amman, also spoke to the students where both clarified some important topics.

Dr. Dorothea Jecht, Director of the International Office at GJU, congratulated the students for paving their way to Germany. She pointed out some options how GJU students can get involved in refugee initiatives and support during their stay in Germany and how this will be beneficial for their personal and professional career. For her part Ms. Britta Kaehler, Director of Office for Industrial Links (OIL) clarified the role of the office that is responsible for the student’s internship during the German Year. 

It is worth mentioning that the meeting included several presentations by returnee students, and a German incoming student, who covered a range of topics about how to communicate with the German people, application papers, internship information and sharing their personal experience and stories during their stay in Germany.