Dear esteemed colleagues, 

Academic and administrative staff member,

Dear students,

 In view of the Government’s decisions to open sectors and to go back to face-to-face learning in educational institutions, and the application of Defense Order No. 34 issued by the Prime Minister, regarding the application of Sanad Application for all workers and students at the University, and in adherence to these decisions, you are kindly asked to abide by the following instructions as of Sunday morning, corresponding to 5/9/2021:


1- Entry for all members of academic and administrative staff and students will be from the main gate of the University, except for those who have not received the vaccine and those who have a negative result meaning they are not infected, should use the visitors' gate.

2- Commitment to applying the green document of Sanad as instructed by Defense Order 34 and showing the result to the security officer at the main door. All should download Sanad application from the following link:

and follow the following steps:

On the application on the left of the screen, press search, then enter the national number and then enter the date of birth. Results will appear according to the pictures to show it to the security officer while entering the campus. This should be done as quickly as possible to prevent any congestion of vehicles and people at the entrance gates to the campus.

3- Showing the vaccination certificate to the security officer upon entering the university campus and as soon as possible.

4- Commitment to wearing masks, following safety procedures and distancing while entering the university campus and checking the temperature.

5- Cooperating with University security staff for this purpose.

6- It is forbidden for any person to enter the University campus until they present the green result on Sanad, a vaccination certificate, or a negative PCR test result that he/she is not infected.

7- Commitment to safe distancing while on University campus and using sterilizers that are present in all university facilities and under penalty of applying the regulations and instructions of Defense Order 34.

8- With regard to non-Jordanians working at the University, they are not covered by the Sanad application issued by the Defense Order. Non-Jordanians are required to present their vaccination certificates when entering the University campus.


We hope everyone will abide by all what is mentioned above in order to preserve the health of students and workers at the University.