On Tuesday, March 31, 2020, the School of Applied Humanities and Languages (SAHL) - Department of Languages, Master DaF, at the German Jordanian University (GJU) conducted a discussion for Master’s thesis remotely using Skype application.
The thesis entitled The role of attitudes and motivation in language learning: A social psychological study of Jordanian GFL learners, was submitted by student Yara Nofal, and supervised by Prof. Karen Klppin.
The research focused on studying the attitudes and motives of Jordanian learners in language institutes in Amman / Jordan to learn German as a foreign language using a socio-psychological approach, and a quantitative questionnaire method. The research focused on influencing factors such as ethnic tendencies, attitudes toward other communities, approaches, and motivations towards learning a language.
The discussion committee consisted of the main supervisor of the thesis, Prof. Karen Klppin, co-supervisor, Prof. Zeynep Kalkavn- Aydin from Germany, the Dean of SAHL, Prof. Salah Al-Salman and Dr. Gerhard Jeiser (GJU), in addition to Prof. Mahmoud Al-Ali from Yarmouk University.
SAHL valued the efforts of the Deanship of Graduate Studies and the Presidential Senior Policy Adviser, Mr. Christof Mühlberg at GJU for facilitating the discussion procedures as the date was set before the lockdown and yet they managed to fulfill the commitment.
It is worth mentioning that GJU’s schools continue their work as usual remotely. Also, the Deans’ Council headed by the President of the University Prof. Manar Fayyad is held weekly to supervise and discuss the issues and challenges concerning the progress of education process.