Amman- 13 May 2019

On Wednesday, May 8, 2019, in the presence of Professor Manar Fayyad, the President of the German Jordanian University (GJU), the Deanship of Students Affairs (DSA) in cooperation with the School of Basic sciences and Humanities (SBSH) hosted an event to discuss the projects accomplished by students in Leadership and Emotional Intelligence and Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprises courses.

Leadership and social entrepreneurship are both emerging fields of study that are gaining increasing attention in universities around the world. They both combine knowledge and skills with a passionate commitment to have a meaningful and sustainable impact. Rather than the selfish pursuit of personal enrichment, leaders and entrepreneurs apply their passion and skills to enrich the lives of people.

They find creative ways to help the disadvantaged and they also conduct innovative and sustainable campaigns to achieve significant social change.

The first project linked the horrible impact of the plastic waste for instance on the world, consequently worsening the impact of Global Warming on us.

The second project discussed issues that we face on GJU campus. Another project took on the #TrashChallenge and cleaned up a tourist area near Jabal Nebo in Madaba.

Lastly, the final project showed compassion toward the people who could not break their fast on the first day in Ramadan at home, and distributed water and dates on drivers and police officers at the 7th circle traffic light.