Amman- 20 November 2017

On Tuesday 14th of November 2017, the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research (DGSR) organized the Second Annual Research Day at German Jordanian University (GJU). 

The President of GJU, Professor Manar Fayyad cleared the importance of scientific research in solving the problems and challenges that surround us all over the world considering various fields such as Energy, Health, Environment and Technology. 

She stressed on the significant role of these gathering in exchanging ideas and information for the benefit of the university and the whole society, encouraging GJU’s academics to take the chance to collaborate and build partnerships with each other. 

The Dean of DGSR, Professor Ziyad Masoud clarified that scientific research is considered one of the most important roles of the faculty at GJU explaining the mission, responsibilities and roles of the deanship. 

He also added that the research philosophy of GJU is based on active engagement with the need of the society and industry to propose and solve current issues and challenges.   

Dr Dia Zaiden the initiator of the Annual Research Day at GJU, said that the event is dedicated to highlighting the breadth of research and innovation on issues of major disciplinary, multidisciplinary and global importance being done at GJU through presentations and poster sessions, providing an opportunity for GJU faculty and staff at all levels of employment, students and their academic, governmental and industrial partners to come together and present their research activities in a public forum facilitate.  

The day also incorporated keynote lectures given by Professor Fouad Mrad, ESCWA Technology Center, Jordan, Professor Anwar Battikhi and Mr. Amine Triki of Clarivate Analytics as well as GJU faculty members.