The Consultation and Training Center (CTC) at the German Jordanian University (GJU) supported by the School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE) finished the second cohort of its Professional Diploma in Quantity Surveying (PDQS) in Jordan.

The Diploma is in partnership together with Nabih Elias Azzam & Partners (NEA), a leading Quantity Surveying firm and the first Arab company and the only regulated Arab firm by the RICS.

PDQS is delivered in theoretical and practical five modules in Quantity Surveying covering topics in Contract Practice, Administration and Conflict Avoidance, Procurement & Tendering, Quantification of Works, Construction Technology & Cost Planning, in addition to Applied Consultancy.

For the first time, a module was delivered in virtual class utilizing MS Teams as the platform following GJU shift towards full virtual classes during the lockdown of COVID-19.

PDQS students attended a compulsory practical module, Applied Consultancy, which challenges all the knowledge they have gained in the other four modules and allows the students to put them to practice. This was achieved through a four-day virtual field trip from June 8 until June 11, 2020 through CTC, NEA association, and Ayla sponsorship.

Presentations were conducted by various speakers across the region. The presentations covered these topics: Sustainable Resource Management, Ayla, and construction of hotels, tourism, and the role of RICS, Dubai expo as well as the virtual tour in the construction sites.

The CTC thanks (Ms. Hala Araj - Ayla, Ms. Hiveen Azzam - Ayla & Mr. Yazan Shakman - Ayla), (Ms. Farah Yassine – WSP Dubai), (Mr. Jubeir Shamte - Wasl Group Dubai), (Mr. John Kim – AE7 Dubai), (Mr. Ahmad Al Sayed NEA Amman), (H.E Mr. Sharhabeel Madi, Aqaba Tourism), (Ms. Joanne Burnell, RICS Dubai), (Mr. Luay Azzam, NEA), (Dr. Robert Platt, Expo 2020 Dubai), and (Mr. Elias Saba, Hyatt Aqaba).

This year was exceptionally challenging, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, however with persistence from the University, NEA, Ayla, the speakers, and assessors we were determined to make this trip a success in order to give the students an exceptional experience.

A Final project pitch was made by groups in front of the jury consists of the director of CTC, Dr. Omar M. Shubailat, the PDQS coordinator Dr. Farah AlAtrash, a professor at SABE, and from NEA: Mr. Laith Azzam and Eng. Dana Azzam."


Check the video, testimonials of all students.