Amman- 27 December, 2015


The German-Jordanian University GJU signed several agreements recently with Jordan Scientific Research Support Fund SRSF. 

Dr. Hussam Kloub from School of Applied Medical Sciences had a fund for his project “Developing and Fabrication of Capacitive Micro Electromechanical System (MEMS) Interactive DC\AC Power Inverter for Renewable Energy Applications”.

The project aims to develop a new concept of capacitive electromechanical device as a DC/AC power inverter for renewable energy applications. 

 Dr. Rami Alazrai ‘s Project title: A Combined EMG and EEG-based BCI System for Hand Motor Imagery Task Classification and Controlling Prosthetic Hand. It attempts to further study EEG-based BCI systems, and aims at contributing to the current understanding of motor imagery tasks.      

Fabrication and Characterization of Autonomous Microrobots for Cancer Detection and Treatment, Dr. Ala'aldeen Al-Halhouli’s project. This project focuses on the development of a novel scheme of autonomous, robust, and effective microrobots that can detect and treat cancer from inside the body.           

Dr. Inshad Jum'h form School of basic sciences and humanities, got a fund for 2 projects; the first one is "Polymeric nanocomposites doped with magnetically aligned nanoparticles for monovalent and multivalent ion rejection and electromagnetic wave polarizer".

The main goals and prospective from this scientific research are to enhance and to develop a novel type of polymer matrix nanocomposite membranes which is fabricated by combining polymeric materials with nanoparticle.

The second project titled "Quantum dots (nanoparticles): Novel synthesis and drug delivery: applications".