Amman- 24 April 2019

On Wednesday , April 17, 2019, The Consultation and Training Center at the German Jordanian University (GJU) organized a symposium on safety transfer of medicine using blockchain Technology, which comes under the umbrella of the "Expert Platform: Let’s Consult" produced  by Professor and Program Director at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences Dr. Yvonne Ziegler.

The symposium which is part of an expert platform aimed at bringing together experts from Europe and GJU with private sector stakeholders in Jordan and the region. Especially as the university is receiving academics and experts from Germany within the program "Flying Faculty”.

 The Director of the Center Dr. Omar M. Shubailat highlighted the importance of this symposium in opening different horizons for cooperation with the private sector in the entire region and benefiting from the successful experiences and accumulated experience of German academics and researchers.

Ziegler has reviewed the instructions for the safe transfer, storage and distribution of Medicine using blockchain technology, which is a series of databases, considering that Medicines are valuable, highly sensitive and potentially harmful if they are not stored and transported safely. Stressing on taking into consideration the necessary conditions during the transfer process as the temperature of keeping medicines to remain valid for use.

At the end of the symposium, which was attended by the Dean of Management and Logistic Sciences School  Dr.Malek Alsharairi and a number of academics at the School, there was discussion about effective ways to store and transfer medicines properly from place to place without being damaged or become unusable.