Amman- 12 May 2019

The German Jordanian University (GJU) has been mentioned in a printed brochure issued by DAAD, stating GJU among the successful Erasmus+ partnerships of a German University with partners abroad.

At the end of November 2017, The University of RheinMain had invited the Erasmus+ staff to a conference in Wiesbaden, Germany. In that conference participated many representatives from the 4 actual ICM Partners in order to explain the Erasmus+ workshops that emphasize teamwork as well as preparing for the next ICM applications.

The broadest project is here along with the capital city of Amman, in which is the home of the German Jordanian University, and Eva Bauer, the Erasmus+ coordinator in the Hessian University that provides an overview over a variety of planned activities.

GJU was established in 2005 under the Federal ministry of Education and Research as well as the DAAD. It was built after the model of the German FHS and offers consequently a practical education for Jordanians and their neighbors.

The work with GJU started back in 2007, when the involved entities of the course “Kommunikationsdesign” had worked in GJU with their Jordanian colleagues to build the course “Design and visual communication”. Since then the HSRM on the German side was responsible for the “Design” network.

Mobility and its effects: as part of their studies at GJU, students must finish one semester in their studies and one in doing an internship. They should usually have a good knowledge in German and English languages, so that they can freely choose from our offered courses.

Thanks to the GJU-guest professors, that teach subject specific lectures in English, grew our interest in the students in Jordan stronger; the German students in the field of design counts the kingdom as one of their most popular target countries.

A study course of an internship in Amman offers an overview on the Arabic culture in a liberal environment that could open the door of important experiences to come. The Majority of the students in the year 2015 have explained, that during their stay they have improved their soft skills and their intercultural competencies. Even on their return they were more confident and willing to accept more challenges.

For the University’s coworkers and learners is the Erasmus+ stay very recommended; incoming and outgoing students have declared that during their foreign stay, they became more motivated in their work and the satisfaction that comes from it.

Outlook: from summer 2019 we want to promote the internship part in Germany. The University HSRM places a great emphasis on the payout for the scholarships and being a contact person for upcoming problems.

For the future, near the usual exchange, will the intensive cooperation that are in the form of intercultural researches or layouts and media planned. As soon as the subjects are definite, they should flow in the upcoming ICM events. Equally, we want to further our cooperation on the upcoming studying semesters. In the meantime we are making the effort to open up the contact in the fields of engineering sciences as well as mechanical engineering.


The full brochure here, GJU mentioned in pages (38-40)