Amman- 27 November 2019

The Vision Rehabilitation Center (VRC) at the German Jordanian University (GJU) offered an intensive workshop "Introduction to Vision Rehabilitation" for three hours to Ph.D. students in special education at the World Islamic Sciences and Education University on Saturday 23/11/2019.

The services of the center were introduced, which include the training courses in center, the clinical rehabilitation services including comprehensive visual function assessment, provision of the needed assistive devices and training, the environmental adaptations needed for people with visual impairment, and finally the early intervention services for children with visual impairment associated with other disabilities.

The lecture covered important theoretical information and practical activities with simulation glasses that allow the participants to feel the challenges faced by the person with low vision or blindness.

In addition, the lecture included the definition of visual impairment and its impact on different aspects of life for the persons with visual impairment and their families, the importance of the comprehensive rehabilitation process with the appropriate evaluation, training, provision of magnifying and assistive devices, as well as the necessary environmental accommodations as increasing the contrast and improving the lighting with reducing glare.

On the other hand, the emphasis was placed on the training in the activities of daily living, Orientation and Mobility skills, and the available strategies for training those people. Besides, the signs of visual impairment that enable the specialists to identify the child or student with visual impairment were highlighted with the importance of referring them to specialists, early medical and rehabilitation intervention, especially children with visual impairment associated with other disabilities.

The participants expressed their gratitude for the comprehensive workshop that enriched their information and knowledge about visual impairment and the different ways to rehabilitate them. They emphasized the importance of such centers as the Vision Rehabilitation Center, which translates the GJU massage, with the constant support by its presidency and management, as a community service to help the persons with visual impairment. It was agreed with Dr. Rana, the lecturer of the vision impairment subject from the World Islamic Sciences and Education University to arrange more tours and activities with the rest of the students so they can learn more about the center and its services which will increase the awareness among specialists and the community.