On Sunday, September 30, 2018,  the School of Applied Humanities and Languages (SAHL) at the German Jordanian University (GJU)  and the Consultation and Training Center (CTC) organized an introductory meeting for the fifth batch  of the  Social work Diploma and the second batch of the Social Work Masters  2018/19.

At her welcoming speech, the president of GJU Prof. Manar Fayyad mentioned the importance of having such a program in Jordan due to the changes and many challenges that the country is facing because of the surrounding political issues and refugee crisis.

Fayyad explained that the university follows the approach of combining and implementing theoretical knowledge with practical experience,so accordingly the Social Work Department has been developing with national and regional institutions and NGO's, such as UNHCR, UNICEF besides small NGO's on a local level.

She also pointed out that this program is not only directed to assisting refugees but also to the whole population in this country, such as vulnerable children and their families, people with special needs, handicaps, or mental health.

Vice president of GJU Dr. Dorit Schumann, the Dean of SAHL and Head of the Social Work Department Dr. Christine Hildebrandt,  Initiator of the Social Work Department Dr. Sahar Makhamreh,  and Dr. Thelal Oweis ,Head of training at the CTC also conducted warm welcoming speeches to the students.

This program will be following the basic concept of linking theoretical study with field-oriented commitment. In addition to its interdisciplinary approach that offers an understanding of social work targeting forced migration in contexts of conflicts, development projects, natural disasters, and environmental change.