Amman- 14 February 2017


The International Office at the German Jordanian University organized a welcoming meeting for the new exchange students who just arrived from Germany for the upcoming semester. GJU receives 22 new exchange students this time, a rather big group for a spring semester. 

They will be studying very diverse subjects at GJU, like Architecture, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Management, Translation, Energy Engineering, Social Work and MBA courses. The students come from different German universities, among them the Universities of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, Koblenz, Brandenburg, Mittelhessen, RheinMain, Fulda, Munich, Darmstadt, Regensburg, Berlin, and others.

 Some of the “Study Buddies”, GJU students who volunteer to help the new exchange students, also attended the meeting.

Jutta Schmid and Rakan AlDweiri from the International Office welcomed the new students and gave them the first important information about GJU and the preparation of their semester. The Office for Industrial Links and the team of the Deanship of Students Affairs were also introduced by their representatives.

The students were very much encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities of any kind.

Dr Sahar Makhamreh, Head of the Social Work Department, which will be hosting three of the exchange students, addressed the students inviting them to make the most out of this semester abroad, by being flexible in their new environment and being open to learn and develop their personality.