Amman – 25 February,2015

In collaboration with the German Ministry of Higher Education and Magdeburg University, the German Jordanian University organized a workshop on social work and refugees with the participation of German Universities. 

The workshop aims to develop the curriculum of higher diploma program and a Master degree in Forced Migration and Refugee Studies at the School of Humanities and Linguistics at GJU.


The potential candidates for this program are professionals from both the public and private sectors that directly work with refugees, providing and managing social work services to various communities. In addition to the German and foreign study abroad programs.  


The program will address the current policies, and contemporary social issues relevant to social work and refugees, it covers also areas of education, health, environment, as well as create a professional staff who can deal with the refugee issues.


The participants discussed many topics, the need for the program at the regional and local levels, goals, targeted candidates and the required qualifications, track Structure, proposed subjects, in addition to the credit hours of the program, the compulsory and elective courses,  in the presence of Prof. Anton Mangstl, Vice President of International Affairs and Prof. Andreas Geiger, Director of the GJU Project Office at Magdeburg University.


The participants stressed on the importance of this program, due to the challenges facing Jordan and the region in the light of forced migrations and increasing the numbers of refugees in Jordan.


It is worth mentioning that the participants in the workshop that was supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) will visit Zaatari Refugee Camp in Mafraq to highlight the current conditions.