The HR & Payroll systems were developed in-house and released on March 27, 2017. Among their advantages the capability to reduce the pressure on the Financial and Human Resources departments by cutting labor hours and reducing errors, besides their ability to track employee data, recruitment process, attendance information, performance evaluations, and payroll records. Furthermore, these systems enable all GJU employees to access their employment and payroll information online from the MyGJU portal.

Specifically, the HR administration system also allows the HR department staff to manage university levels, entity types (e.g., school, deanship, department, and center), university entities (e.g., specific schools and departments), commission types (e.g., manager, vice, and staff), job titles (e.g., director, accountant, computer engineer, and technician), countries, health insurance contracts, tax laws, as well as employee types (academic or administrative), classifications, categories, grades, and grade categories. In addition, it lets the system administrators search for an employee, add a new employee, as well as edit and view an employee’s basic information. Furthermore, they can manage (i.e., add, edit, view, and delete) the employee’s detailed information such as certificates, experiences, family members, promotions, commissions, job titles, status, banks accounts, telephones, health insurance, leaves, vacations, deductions, allowances, and salary setup. Whereas, the Payroll administration system enables the finance department staff to manage banks, deductions types, allowances types, salary slip items, salary slip templates, basic salaries, incentives, deduction types, allowance types, as well as university, administration, transportation, specialization, personal, GJU, rarity, residence, and extra allowances. Besides that, the system is used to compute the monthly salaries and generate the respective salary slips for all employees. Moreover, the system can be used to generate various reports to help the staff of the HR and finance departments in their daily and end of year work and analysis.

It is worth noting that these systems are developed by Dr. Feras Al-Hawari along with Eng. Anoud Alufieshat and Mr. Mohammad Habahbeh.