This project spanned the following tasks and features: Moodle was hosted on the powerful servers in our data center; Moodle was linked to our active directory i.e., both students and instructors can use their single sign on E-Mail credentials to login to Moodle similarly to how they login to MyGJU; Moodle can now access all the offered course sections in the current semester (and the coming semesters) from the MyGJU database i.e., it is aware of all the offered course sections, the students enrolled in them, and their instructors; When an instructor or a student logs in to his/her Moodle account he/she will automatically see their current course sections without the need to add them manually; An instructor will automatically see all the students enrolled in his/her course sections after they login into Moodle; The look and feel of Moodle was made very close to MyGJU and the GJU website.

Noting that Eng. Omar Al-Sawaeer, Mr. Mohammad Habahbeh and Eng. Hala Barham were the main contributors to this project.

Moodle is accessible from the following link:

To login to Moodle just use your GJU E-Mail credentials (i.e., E-Mail username and password).