The German Jordanian University is one of the most distinguished examples of collaborations between Germany and Jordan; the university is growing and developing constantly in many aspects.

It provides both Jordanians and refugees the opportunities and possibilities to seek education. I look forward to meet with students of Graduate School of Business Administration today.


After returning from my visit to Jordan, I want to sincerely thank you for the successful event at the German-Jordanian University on December 7 and for the opportunity to have an exchange with your students.

Your university gives me a great confidence and hope. It is a meeting place for people from Jordan and Germany that will build in the future bridges of friendship between our countries, and it is also a place that helps to create a platform for young people who need it so much.

The Investment in education is also an... Read More

“Herrn Professor Khadra, dem Präsident der Deutsch-Jordanische Universität, mit meinem granz besonderen Dank für die Gastfreundschaft und zugleich mit meinem Respekt für Ihr ausgewönliches und so erfolgreiches Engagement zum Wohl der deutsch-jordanischen Freundschaft".

“I highly value the German Jordanian University with its able leadership and high-caliber staff. I greatly appreciate the efforts they have exerted which contributed to the remarkable achievements of the University in the relatively short span of time.”

"The primary goal for this University is to provide quality education in selected fields to Jordanian students using the German model of higher education. The quest for excellence in the quality of its graduates shall be guided by a special paradigm, namely to be a timely cultural bridge between Germany and the Arab world, with handsome dividens to both sides".

Thank you very much for this warm welcome! It is a great pleasure for me to be back in Jordan.

Eleven years ago my Jordanian colleague Mr. Toucan and I laid down the foundation of the German Jordanian University in the hope for a flourishing future. It was a day of great joy, because we had successfully commenced a magnificent project. 

In those days I didn’t expect to come back to the GJU for such a wonderful occasion. It is a great and unexpected honor for me to be awarded with such a distinguished title by the GJU. I am... Read More

In the Winter semester 2015/16 the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) appointed an independent high level expert commission to evaluate the progress of the German Jordanian University in depth.

As the end result of its evaluation, the Commission has concluded that the GJU project is a successful and distinctive bi-national project that inextricably includes aspects of international academic cooperation, cooperation in education and development, and cultural exchange.

The Commission has indeed seen proof of impressive... Read More