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What is computer engineering?

"Computer engineering is a branch of engineering that integrates several fields of computer science and electronic engineering required to develop computer hardware... Read more

Under this program offering our primary function is to produce highly qualified engineers in water and environmental technologies. These programs are dynamic and central to the School of Applied Natural Sciences. We  project that such programs will be the largest and most useful of their kind in... Read more

The Logistics Program will give a comprehensive and practical knowledge in logistics and supply chain management within the context of a highly stimulating, challenging and exciting learning environment. The interrelationship between logistics and other areas of business will be covered with... Read more

Computer Science (CS) is centered on the study of information, its storage, management and handling.

Such activities comprise the backbone for a knowledge-based economy governing the lifestyles of today’s information and knowledge society. Information can be represented as text, audio,... Read more

  • Dual Study Track:

Gaining theoretical knowledge and applying this knowledge into practice is the core of Dual Studies. Dual Study Programs aims to integrate theory and practical hands-on training. Studying in Dual Study Track takes place in alternating... Read more

Civil and environmental engineers are the engineers who help society to function. The work of civil engineers is everywhere. Civil and Environmental Engineers are responsible for the infrastructure such as roads, Bridges, buildings, and facilities that provide clean water to drink, clean air to... Read more

The aim of the B.A. German and English for Business and Communication is to qualify language professionals who are able to work in a variety of positions, both in companies and in cultural or educational institutions.

Students will obtain fluency in German, and they will refine their... Read more

The areas for emphasis of the degree program include technical expertise, management of environmental effects in economic energy processes, business economic design of the entire energy conversion, production, distribution, and usage process, environmental technology and international energy... Read more

The B.Sc. Program in Architecture offered by the German Jordanian University provides a set of core courses allowing the student to study more than one deepening area with emphasis on the following streams:

  • Architecture
  • Interior Architecture

The core courses... Read more

This program focuses on networking with a vision that is different from those of other peer institutions around Jordan. The program will focus on the practical skills, internship in the industry for six months, study year abroad, and internationalization. It aims to graduate skilled engineers in... Read more

The program provides an interdisciplinary educational foundation for its graduates to understand problems and to find and implement solutions with a system engineering perspective; students are provided with the essential tools to consider the technological, business, and human aspects of... Read more

The objective of the Mechanical and Maintenance Engineering program at GJU is to prepare graduated for careers in industry or further studies in Mechanical or Maintenance Engineering and related disciplines.

Mechanical and Maintenance Engineering graduates will have: