Our software development team have successfully launched the vacations and leaves services in the MyGJU portal.

Accordingly, the administrative staff can perform the following: view the details of their vacations (yearly, official, administrative, sick, long sick, maternity, hajj, etc.) and leaves (official and private); review their yearly vacation balance (yearly, sick and administrative); and check if they are linked to an Irregular Work Hours or an Early Work Hours period.

As far as the academic staff they can perform the following tasks: view their vacations (incidental, long sick, maternity, and hajj); check their work start delays per semester; and review their work load (academic and administrative) per semester.

Special thanks to both Dr. Feras Al-Hawari the director of the ISTC as well as Eng. Anoud Alufieshat for their great efforts in the analysis, design, development and deployment of the these new features in the MyGJU portal.