About the Department
الفريق 2019
الفريق 2019

About the Department

The Public Services Department performs its role in providing several support services that meet the needs of the university through its highly competent staff members.

The organizational structure of this department consists of the following divisions:

1. Document Control Division:

- Documenting all incoming and outgoing, follow-up and safeguard the filling system.

- Providing the department with its needs of stationery and furniture.

2. Buildings and Environment Service Division: This division is in charge of all cleaning workers in the offices, buildings, yards and public areas and maintaining cleanliness therein through its in-house staff and the services of out-source specialized companies through services contracts.

3. Gardens and Agriculture Division: This division is in charge of planting trees and plants of all kinds in the university’s yards and gardens and maintaining them through irrigation, plowing and pruning services provided by a trained team to maintain their sustainability.

4. University Security Division: Maintaining orders and ensuring security inside the university campus for the students and workers, as well as ensuring the protection of the university’s properties and regulating the entry and exiting of workers and students at the university campus according to the established instructions and regulations

5. The Transportation Division: This division is in charge of providing the university’s transportation system for the purposes of participation in the activities in the Kingdom, in addition to securing the transportation of supplies, equipment, maintenance teams and roving guards through its fleet of vehicles. This division follows up with the maintenance and licensing of vehicles.

6. The External Transport Division: This division is in charge of following up with the concerned authorities in the field of transportation services for university students and employees, and with the schedule of buses, lines, tracks, and tours and the dates agreed upon with the concerned authority.

  7. PBX and Communications Division: This division is in charge of securing internal and external  communications for various facilities and buildings through advanced automated exchanges.