Industrial Professor
Darat Othman Bdeir SI
+962 6 4294444

Educational Background

University of York, I.A.A.S, UK, Master of Conservation studies, 1987.
Research Interests
  • Conservation of the Built Environment, urban regeneration, tourism & creative partnership with the architectural heritage.
  • Interpretation of the cultural heritage as a tool for its sustainability.
  • Management of the CH, Risk Management (theoretical frameworks and implementation on WH sites).

Selected Publications

2012 A. Vadafaria, M. Santana Quinterob, G. Cesaroc, O. Vileikisd, K. Van Balend, A. Paolinic, L. Fakhoury,"DEVELOPMENT OF A RISK MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK FOR PROTECTING HERITAGE SITES: A CASE STUDY FOR PETRA",conference:ICOMOS Symposium: Reducing Risks to Cultural Heritage from Natural and Human- Caused Disasters,Beijing (China),2012
2012 Leen Fakhoury,"Buffer Zone and Boundaries as a Tool for the Protection of Petra Archaeological Park",International Conference on the Nabataean Culture,Petra, Jordan,2012
Leen Fakhoury, N.Haddad,"Heritage for Development: Investing in People for the Rehabilitation and Management of Historic Towns project (Her4Dev) ",Archaeology of Jordan, newsletter in the American Journal of Archaeology (AJA),