About the Department

About the Department

((We made from water every living thing))

Verse 21:30 of the Holly Quran

This verse says it all … Never have we been in more need for water here in Jordan than we are now!!

With the natural water scarcity in the region as a whole and Jordan in particular, with the rapid and unnatural increase in population due to fluxes of refugees, and with the climate change that adversely impacts our already short water supply, it makes perfect sense that water and environmental issues are very high on everyone’s agenda.


Food, Water and Energy are perhaps the three main focal points of the whole world now. One has to manage the three simultaneously to ensure a sustainable supply. This is why our school of Natural Resources Engineering has the two departments of Water and Environmental Engineering and Energy Engineering. This reflects the far sight GJU has and its progressive model of teaching engineering.


Our vision at the Department of Water and Environmental Engineering, the German Jordanian University (GJU), is to be the lead educator of young engineers in the fields of water and environment in Jordan and the region.

To realize this vision, our mission is to:

  1. Provide the suitable educational experience to our students where they are educated, challenged, and their leadership skills honed.
  2. Attract the best educators with a diverse background experience and knowledge and excellent communication abilities.
  3. Encourage interaction between the various national and international water and environment stakeholders and our department’s students and educators.


We strive to give you a pleasant and rewarding experience in our department, if you are a student. We also hope, for those of you not students, that you find in us a great partner and a powerhouse in Water and Environmental Engineering expertise.

Happy Engineering!!

Qasem Abdelal, PhD, PE 



To know more about our department, see the following video.