You as a student are responsible for finding your accommodation in Germany, the GJU IAD cannot help individually.  

Most universities in Germany offer student accommodation (dorms). If not, they will help you in finding private housing. Please read through the following carefully: 


Please note the following general features of student dorms in Germany:

  1. Although rooms are single rooms, kitchen and bathroom are normally shared between several male and female students.
  2. If you prefer to live in a gender separated dorm, please inform the German IAD about it while applying. Our German partner IOs will try to satisfy your request, but unfortunately, no claim can be raised. 
  3. Some dormitories offer single apartments with own bathroom, kitchen and shower. But these are usually more expensive than single rooms and not always available.
  4. Rental fees vary between 200 and 400 EURO per month.
  5. Depending on the university you are going to, a rent deposit of about two months has to be paid in advance.
  6. Some dorms require the full six months rent up-front.
  7. University dorms are very scarce, so every offer should be taken into consideration.

It is difficult to find an accommodation privately. It is also more expensive and apartments are usually unfurnished.

How to find accommodation in Germany 














For private housing, you might consult the following websites:

German students very often live in shared flats (WGs = Wohngemeinschaften). This is a very economic and highly sociable option for exchange students. For this option, check the websites below:

Scan the QR code below to view the list of websites that can be used to find accommodation in Germany: