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Last update: 01.June 2022

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Welcome to the scholarship section of the International Affairs Department. Here you will find all information on current calls for non-GJU scholarships, as well as on our regular GJU scholarship programs. For questions and suggestions, please refer to the contact person stated below. For specific inquiries concerning the different programs, please contact the responsible coordinators.

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Testimonials of former scholarship holders:


I am a Management Sciences student, currently doing my exchange semester at the Technische Hochschule in Aschaffenburg. As the first half of my German Year is coming to an end, I am glad to say that it has shaped me very positively so far, by teaching me to be patient, independent and most importantly open to new opportunities and challenges. I believe that being exposed to such independence at an early age, offers us as students the ability to prepare ourselves for our careers and our future. I am honored to have received the DAAD Scholarship after all my efforts, dedication, and hard work. This gave me a boost of confidence and motivation to keep on going and to take on my achievements and quality of work to my internship semester in Germany.
Jana Hilmi




I’m Saleh Mughrabi and I’m studying mechanical engineering. I am an exchange student at HS Darmstadt. Overall, I learned a lot more about myself in this one-semester than I did in the four years in Jordan because of the unique place in which I learned, experienced, and spent exploring another culture. Because of the amazing exchange program for HS Darmstadt I had the opportunity to make friends with students from all kinds of different cultures, and learn about other countries and customs. As well living and studying in another country helped to shape me into an independent and adventurous adult, ready to succeed in my future career.


I'm a fifth year Industrial Engineering student currently spending my exchange semester at Hochschule Fulda. Living abroad in a new country was intimidating yet challenging for me. Nevertheless, it has given me so many opportunities and chances to step out of my comfort zone. In fact, meeting cool people along with exploring new places inside and outside Germany was the highlight of my semester. On top of that, going abroad granted me a self confidence boost. "Every day is a journey that wouldn't stop shaping your personality until you get back home!" has been my motto ever since I moved to Germany, and I believe its true.
Lujain Madi





My name is Layan Jadallah, I major in Computer Science and I was awarded a DAAD scholarship for my German year program. I am currently an exchange student at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM) in Gießen. It is true that there is only so much one can learn within the four walls of their university, and being in Germany has allowed me to explore outside those walls. It hasn’t been a year yet, but I can confidently say that the experiences these few months have brought me have shaped me into a much more well-rounded individual, and I definitely look forward to what the rest of the year will bring my way in terms of all the different opportunities.






I am currently studying International Accounting at the German Jordanian University; I was given the opportunity to expand my knowledge and gain experience in the University of Cyprus through my Erasmus semester. This semester has not only expanded my social circle but it has given me what I can call a second family in Cyprus through the times we spent together. I have increased my cultural awareness and communication skills in a way that will certainly serve me for many years to come. It is really hard to put all the amazing experiences and heartfelt memories into words but this incredible semester taught me lessons I will never forget and gave me memories that I will always look back fondly on.

I really hope students who have a passion for learning through experience and towards developing their character take this opportunity and apply to this remarkable program.
Dina Alsboul


I am forever grateful for the semester abroad I experienced thanks to ERASMUS+. I spent a semester in Reykjavik University in Iceland, where I was enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering department, same major as the one I'm enrolled in at GJU. This experience has shifted my life in many aspects. It was a much-needed change after more than a year of many lockdowns and online learning. Not only that, but it also teaches a person to be more self-reliant and responsible. Furthermore, it motivated me to excel even further at my major at GJU. Along my journey, I have picked up plenty of fruitful information which I will be using back in Jordan. Finally, it taught me a very valuable lesson to always try and be the best version of myself!




I study Management Sciences and I did my Erasmus+ exchange semester at Hochschule Fulda. Initially, I did not anticipate the culture gap and thus it was difficult to adjust. However, despite all the setbacks and difficulties of living alone and entering a new culture, my experience was extraordinary!
From meeting new people to new experiences and challenges as well as improving my German language, it is no exaggeration to say that I have grown mentally and gained confidence. Embracing a new culture fostered my independence and encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone.
I now have a plethora of stories to tell in the future, and unforgettable memories to reflect on.
I have attached the picture I would like to use, which was taken on a skiing trip with my French friends Sarah and Manon on the Rhön Mountain near Fulda.
Masa Al Awartani


he International Office is happy to introduce to you one of our graduate students who is a scholarship holder of the IPS-Program: 

My name is Mohammad Khader; I finished my studies at the German Jordanian University in

German and English for Business and Communication. I am currently doing my master's studies in

European Studies at the Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf. In September 2021, I received the

International Parliamentary Scholarship for the Arab countries (IPS). The program is aimed at

politically engaged young people from the Arab region interested in the German parliamentary

system and who would like to play an active role in promoting core democratic values in their home


During an intensive four-week program, I had the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of

the German parliamentary system and political decision-making processes. The four-week program

also included lectures on German political history, the functioning of its parliamentary system, the

electoral system, and the right to vote. Workshops and seminars were also organized on press

freedom and ethic publication standards, freedom of religion, human rights and minority issues.


This opportunity also enabled me to attend the electoral campaign of the German

parliamentary elections of 2021, in the electoral district of Wiesloch in Baden Württemberg, with MP

Lars Castellucci (SPD), who is a member of the Committee on Internal Affairs and member of

Committee on the Affairs of the European Union. During the internship, I was able to witness the

functioning of a successful electoral campaign. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to meet other

members of the SPD party and the SPD council group in Wiesloch.


This experience was highly informative as I had the chance to learn a lot about representative

democracy and the parliamentary system of the Federal Republic of Germany. Moreover, experience

the German elections closely. Therefore I urge all highly motivated individuals to apply for the

International Parliamentary Scholarship. This program will help you play an active and responsible

role in shaping the democratic future of your country.