08 August 2017

Visit to STS

On Tuesday, 8th of August, the Director of GJU’s Office for Industrial Links, Britta Kähler, and GJU’s Dual Studies Advisor, Randolph Galla, visited STS (Specialized Technical Services) and had an extensive talk with its Sales Manager Zeid Mazahreh about cooperation in the field of Dual Studies project and other activities.

http://media.sts.com.jo/SiteAssets/about%20sts1.jpgSTS, an information technology solutions and services provider, considers GJU as a preferred partner and is happy to consider participation in the Dual Studies project. A meeting with other senior STS staff, such as the Head of the HR department and the Head of the Training department, shall be scheduled soon, to elaborate further on STS’ participation in the emerging Dual Study BSc program in Computer Science. STS is a Jordanian company with around 350 certified staff. It was founded in Jordan in 1989, and focusses on Financial Services, Governments, Telecommunications, Education, Health, Commercial and Small-Medium Businesses. Its head-quarter is in Amman, at the 7th Circle. STS runs offices in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Palestine, and Iraq.

27 July 2017

High-ranking GJU delegation visited Aqaba Logistics Village, met Chairman and General Manager to start intensified cooperation on Dual Studies

On Thursday 27 July 2017, GJU Vice President Prof. Dorit Schumann, accompanied by the acting Dean of the School of Management and Logistics Sciences (SMLS) Dr. Malek Alsharairi, Head of the Logistics Department Dr. Abdelrahim Alsoussi, Logistics Exchange Coordinator Dr. Ismail Abushaikha and Dr. Luay Jum’a, as well as Mr. Randolph Galla, GJU's Dual Studies Advisor, located in the Office for Industrial Links, followed an invitation of ALV Chairman Dr. Amin Kawar and General Manager Hakam Abul Feilat to visit the ALV.

The guests were given an extensive tour through the facilities of the Aqaba Logistics Village. ALV, with its 68 permanent staff members, offers a broad range of services to companies. It recently took over the entire storage activities of the International Red Cross (IRC), which serves Yemen and Libya from Aqaba. It is the first time that IRC, which runs its own storage houses and related logistics worldwide, commissioned this to another organization, and thus a real breakthrough for ALV.

ALV offered to host GJU students as interns, giving them a comprehensive overview about the different aspects of logistics. It was agreed to develop a special format for this purpose, and to integrate it, after successful testing, as “special ALV module” into GJU’s Dual Study BSc in Logistics. Staff from both sides will now jointly create a respective pilot module, giving the opportunity to a few preselected students to carry out the module already in the coming September in Aqaba. ALV will provide details of how it usually conducts and monitors internships, which provides a good base for the development of the module. ALV also voiced great interest in training for its middle and higher management, which GJU could possibly provide on the spot as short intensive courses. A needs assessment shall be carried out in form of a workshop in late September / early October, integrating a general lecture to all interested ALV staff members, to inquire about areas, formats and required levels of training.

ALV is in close contact with important stakeholders in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, among them the Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT), and the Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC). ACT, to which the delegation paid a short visit and had a talk with its General Manager, is operated, managed and marketed by APM Terminals, one of the world’s largest global terminal operators, since 2005, and could well be a potential partner in the Dual Study program, once it is established. ADC is the development arm of the Jordanian government for the Aqaba region. It’s Executive Director Eng. Mohammad Al-Sakran and Manager Transportation & Logistics Mr. Abdessalam Obeidat stressed the importance to invest in people from the area and showed great interest in GJU’s and ALV’s cooperation, especially in the idea to offer a compact package of skills for executives without a management background. Eng. Al-Sakran also mentioned that ADC aims to establish a specialized Logistics Research Center in Aqaba, and that his organization fully supports the idea to carry out GJU’s Logistics Network Meeting 2018 at the premises of the ALV.

ALV hosts and GJU guests unanimously considered the visit and the intensive discussions as very fruitful, outlining the great potential of cooperation between both organizations. Back home, SMLS staff will now work intensively on shaping the first pilot ALV module, as part of the Dual Study program, and on the preparation of a workshop to conduct a training needs analysis of ALV staff and potentially additional participants from the region.

26 July 2017

Visit to Petra Trading and Investment Company, to initiate cooperation

On Wednesday 26 July, GJU’s Dual Studies Advisor held initial talks about a possible integration of Petra Trading and Investment Company in the emerging Dual Studies BSc in Logistics.

Joining a group of students lead by Dr. Ismail Abushaikha from SLMS, he received an overview about the company’s mission, values and brands including a special briefing about its warehouse facilities.

The company’s senior management team, and especially it’s responsible members of the HR and Training Departments demonstrated great interest in getting involved in the set-up of this Dual Study program. On the other hand, the people- and development-centered vision of the company makes a good starting point of meaningful integration of existing training structures in the draft curriculum, which the School for Management and Logisitics Sciences (SMLS) has worked out.

It was agreed to continue the discussions in more detail over summer, in order to come to a structured cooperation in the framework of GJU’s Dual Studies project.

18 June 2017

MoU to create a “Special ALV Module”, facilitating use of theoretical knowledge obtained at GJU in a practical context at a highly specialized logistics service provider

An important Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the German Jordanian University and the Aqaba Logistics Village (ALV) On the 18th of June. This MoU foresees the establishment of a dedicated practical module with a duration of two month, taking place at ALV’s premises in Aqaba, which GJU Logistics students can take in their first year.

The module will offer practical insight and skills in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, in a variety of fields and at an early stage. It is offered to first year students of SMLS' BSc in Logistics and as such, it is also an important element of the Dual Study program in Logistics, as it will provide the students with early orientation in which sub-specialization of Logistics to specialize, or which company to choose during the practical phases of the Dual Study program.

Students will receive advice and guidance by GJU academics and ALV. The first group of students is expected to enroll for the ALV module already during this summer.

9 May 2017

Strategic Meeting on Dual Studies

On 9 May, the Presidency of GJU invited internal stakeholders for a Strategic Meeting on Dual Studies, to set the guidelines for the further development of the initiative.

Participants in this meeting were Prof. Natheer Abu Obeid (President), Prof. Dorit Schumann (Vice-President), Dr. Sahel Alouneh (Dean SEEIT), Dr. Loay Salhieh (Dean SMLS), Dr. Malek Alsharairi (Vice Dean SMLS), Dr. Laila Yaghi (Assistant to the President for Quality Assurance and Accreditation), Ms. Britta Kaehler (Director OIL), and Mr. Randolph Galla (Dual Studies Advisor). The meeting served to prepare a number of decisions to advance and formalize the implementation process.

The two involved Schools should follow a process of gradual adoption, together with the companies, preparing one Dual semester / year after the other.

The German Year shall be kept (maybe in a slightly shortened form), as it is an asset of GJU and very much recognized by its partner companies.

At each Department, a caretaker shall be identified for better coordination of the implementation process.

More feasible companies shall be approached and invited for follow-up workshops.

A channel of communication should be opened to the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions.

GJU has to provide ideas to a number of partner companies in order to enhance their training structures. For this end, external support, e.g. by GIZ, would be very welcomed.

8 May 2017

Visit to Sultan Center / Safeway Jordan

On 8 May, the Dual Studies Advisor at GJU, Mr. Randolph Galla, had the pleasure to inform CEO Dr. Laith Abu Hilal at Safeway’s first superstore in Amman about the GJU’s Dual Study project.

Discussing forms of involvement of Safeway Jordan in the upcoming Dual Study pilot program in Logistics, Dr. Laith expressed his deep interest and his support for the initiative, especially in the domain of logistics.

Dr. Laith also voiced his strong intention to participate in an information visit to the Dual Study project of Al-Quds University, operational since three years.

The Sultan Center group, headquartered in Kuwait and still using the well-established brand name Safeway in many countries, operates 14 stores across Jordan, plus service centers and warehouses. In 2014, it opened a Safeway store in the Zaatari Camp for Syrian refugees.

26 April 2017

Visit to Joramco Academy

On invitation of Mr. Ramzi Mansour, Head of Joramco Academy, Mrs. Britta Kaehler (Director Office for Industrial Links OIL), Eng. Jamil Alkhatib (Manager of GJU’s Program Innovation and Entrepreneurship - PIE), and Mr. Randolph Galla (Dual Studies Advisor at GJU) visited Joramco’s facilities located next to Queen Alia Airport on 26 April, to discuss various cooperation possibilities.

Joramco is the largest facility for aircraft maintenance in the region. The company has established its own Academy, which foresees to intensify recruiting and to target additional audiences. Mr. Ramzi informed that in the MENA region alone, around 60,000 posts for technical staff will have to be filled in the coming years in this highly sophisticated industry. Thus, exciting career perspectives are available for graduates with excellent skills in both the practical and theoretical domain. The topic of Maintenance Engineering could therefore be a very promising field for a cooperation towards a Dual Study program, after GJU’s two pilot projects have been successfully established.

For the time being, discussions on cooperation possibilities focus on three main topics: Internships, Graduation Projects, participation in GJU’s Innovation Space. Partners therefore agreed to look deeper into implementing graduation projects proposed by Joramco to GJU students, entrepreneurial activities like Hackathons, in which GJU and Joramco Academy students could jointly develop solutions for real life challenges, and the provision of used aircraft parts by Joramco, which GJU staff and students could use for practical exercises.

As the Joramco Academy aims to integrate academic principles in its education and administration, to enhance training of its teachers and to deliver more and different courses, it would like to exchange with GJU, and with its School for Applied Technical Sciences (SATS) in particular, on these topics.

24 April 2017

Visit to General Computers and Electronics (GCE)

On 24 April, Mr. Randolph Galla, GJU’s Dual Studies Advisor, and Dr. Ahmad Barghash, Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science in GJU’s School of Computer Engineering & Information Technology (SEEIT), visited GCE’s premises in Amman.

They meet with GCE Chairman Eng. Abdulrahim Milbes, and with Deputy General Manager Rula Milbes, to inform about GJU’s Dual Studies project, namely the pilot program in Computer Sciences, and to discuss ways to involve GCE in this pilot.

GJU’s initiative was met with great interest, and the top management representatives of GCE confirmed that they would see themselves as core partners of the Dual Studies project. Ms. Milbes also voiced her strong intention to participate in an information visit to a similar project in Palestine, where Al-Quds University has established three Dual Study programs, which are operational since three years.

It is expected that the discussion will lead to cooperation opportunities with GJU's School of Computer Engineering & Information Technology on other topics as well.

GCE was founded in 1985 and is one of Jordan’s leading IT companies. It provides cutting edge IT hardware, software, network & GIS solutions to the banking and industrial sectors, to universities and educational institutions, and others. Its sister company GCE Soft specializes in providing high quality software services with an emphasis on mobile computing.

21 February 2017

Network Conference

During the Network Conference, organized by GJU in coordination with Magdeburg Stendal University of Applied Sciences and DAAD, academics from GJU and its more than 100 partner universities met at GJU, to discuss joint projects, as well as ways to enhance ongoing cooperation. The gathering revealed a great interest on the German side to support the set-up of Dual Study programs at GJU, which will be crucial to offer the “German Experience”, the combined academic semester and internship semester, also to students in the future Dual Study programs.

23 January 2017

GIZ Appraisal Mission presents its findings, including Dual Studies

A GIZ Appraisal Mission had toured Jordan from 9th of January until 22nd of January 2017, to prepare a proposal for a new GIZ program (‘Promotion of labor-market TVET and applied Higher Education’), which shall be handed in to the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Many different sites have been visited, and more than 60 interviews were conducted.

On Monday 23rd of January 2017, the members of the Mission and other GIZ staff (among them GIZ Country Director Michaela Baur) and 18 representatives from various stakeholders of the Jordanian educational sector convened in the Crowne Plaza Hotel Amman, to discuss the findings and outcomes of the Mission.

On behalf of GJU, Dr. Ziad Abuelrub (Head of GJU’s Industrial Relations Committee) and Randolph Galla (Dual Studies Advisor in GJU’s Office for Industrial Links) attended the meeting and reported about the results to GJU’s Presidency. Other participants came from the Ministry of Higher Education, the Higher Education Accreditation Council, al-Balqa University, the Jordan Chamber of Industry, the Vocational Training Center, Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah II Technical University, and the Ministry of Planning.

The overall objective of the program is to enhance education in order to “increasingly meet the needs of the Jordanian labor market”. The program shall consist of three main components (“pillars”), Policy and Public-Private Dialogue, Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Applied and Dual Studies.

In the discussion, participants unanimously voiced their strong support for the presented project design and are looking forward to the implementation of the different components of the program.

19 January 2017

Visit of Ms. Kirsten Freimann, GIZ Palestine, in charge of the Dual Studies project at al-Quds University (AQU)

Scope of the visit was the continuation of the ongoing exchange between AQU and GJU on Dual Studies.

As it was her first visit to the university, Ms. Freimann, who was accompanied by Ms. Sarah Griesbaum from the local GIZ Office in Amman, received a general introduction to GJU, including a short campus tour and a stopover at the Separation Lab of the School of Applied Medical Sciences (SAMS).

Meetings and discussions were held with GJU’s Vice President Prof. Dorit Schumann, Dr. Ziad Abuelrub, Head Industrial Relations, Dr. Loay Salhieh, Dean School of Management and Logistics Sciences, Ms. Britta Kaehler, Director Office for Industrial Links, and Randolph Galla, Dual Studies Advisor at GJU.

Finally, Ms. Freimann paid a visit to GJU’s new InnoSpace (in Building M) and was introduced to the Project Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PIE).

10 January 2017

GIZ Appraisal Mission at GJU

A delegation of the GIZ (“Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit”, i.e. German Development Corporation) visited the German Jordanian University (GJU) for one full day to inquire about how to support the Dual Studies project at GJU.

The members of the delegation evaluated the progress made by GJU positively and consider the project as a unique and innovative approach to provide the Jordanian economy with graduates who possess well developed practical and academic skills.

The delegation engaged in discussions with GJU’s President and both Vice Presidents, with the Deans and staff from the School of Management and Logistic Sciences (SMLS) and the School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology​ (SEEIT), with the Head of the Industrial Relations Committee (IRC), with GJU students who already spent their German Year, and with Britta Kähler and Randolph Galla from the Office for Industrial Links.

The members of the Appraisal Mission praised GJU's dedication and, back in Germany, will discuss possibilities to support the Dual Studies project on a long term base.