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2018 Samer Al-Gharabli, Eyad Hamad, Munib Saket, Ziad Abu El-Rub, Hassan Arafat, Wojciech Kujawski , Joanna Kujawa,"Advanced material - ordered nano-tubular ceramic membrane covalently capped with single wall carbon nanotubes",Materials 2018,11(5), 739, (Q1, 5-Year IF: 3.236),2018 [View]
2018 Samer Al-Gharabli, Wojciech Kujawski, Ziad Abu El-Rub, Eyad M. Hamad, Joanna Kujawa,"Enhancing membrane performance in removal of hazardous VOCs from water by modified fluorinated PVDF porous material",Journal of Membrane Science,556, 214-226, (Q1, five years IF: 5.983),2018 [View]
2018 T. A. Agbaje, S. Al-Gharabli, M. O. Mavukkandy, J. Kujawa, H. A. Arafat,"PVDF/magnetite blend membranes for enhanced flux and salt rejection in membrane distillation",Desalination,436 (2018) 69–80. (IF = 6.6),2018
2018 Elizalde, C. N. B, Al-Gharabli, S, Kujawa, J, Mavukkandy, M, Hasan, S. W, Arafat, H. A,"Fabrication of blend polyvinylidene fluoride/chitosan membranes for enhanced flux and fouling resistance",Separation and Purification Technology ,190 (2018) 68-76. (IF = 3.4),2018
2018 Al-Gharabli, S, Kujawa, J, Mavukkandy, M. O, Agbaje, T. A, Hamad, E. M, Arafat, H. A,"Covalent surface entanglement of polyvinylidene fluoride membranes with carbon nanotubes",European Polymer Journal,100 (2018) 153-164. (IF = 3.5),2018
2017 E.M. Hamad, Rawashdeh, N, M.F. Khanfar, E.N. Al-Qasem, S.I. Al-Gharabli,"Neural Network Based Prediction of 3D Protein Structure as a Function of Enzyme Family Type and Amino Acid Sequences",Jordan Journal of Biological Sciences ,10 (2017) 73-78,2017
2017 S. Al-Gharabli, W. Kujawski, H. A. Arafat, J. Kujawa,"Tunable separation via chemical functionalization of polyvinylidenefluoride membranes using piranha reagent",Journal of Membrane Science,541 (2017) 567-579 (IF= 6.7).,2017
2017 J. Kujawa, S. Al-Gharabli, W. Kujawski, K. Knozowska,"Molecular grafting of fluorinated and non-fluorinated alkylsiloxanes on various ceramic membrane surfaces for the removal of VOCs applying vacuum membrane distillation",ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,9 (2017) 6571-6590 (IF= 8.1),2017
2017 M.O. Mavukkandy, M.R. Bilad, J. Kujawa, S. Al-Gharabli, H.A. Arafat,"On the effect of fumed silica particles on the structure, properties and application of PVDF membranes",Separation and Purification Technology ,187 (2017) 365-373 (IF = 3.4),2017
2017 S. Chakraborty, S. Loutatidou, G. Palmisano, J. Kujawa, M. O. Mavukkandy, S. Al-Gharabli, E. Curcio, H. A. Arafat ,"Photocatalytic hollow fiber membranes for the degradation of pharmaceutical compounds in wastewater ",Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering ,5 (2017) 5014–5024,2017
2017 L.H. Tahtamouni, R.N. Abdellatif, R.A. Al-Khateeb, Z.A Al-Mazaydeh, S.R. Yasin, S. I. Al-Gharabli, A.Z. Elkarmi,"Inhibitory effect of Taraxacum officinale L (Compositae) aqueous root extract on spermatogenesis",Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research ,16 (2017) 109-118 (IF = 0.659).,2017
2017 S. Al-Gharabli, P. Engeßer, D. Gera, S. Klein, T. Oppenlände,"Engineering of a highly efficient Xe2*-excilamp (xenon excimer lamp, λmax=172 nm, η=40 %) and qualitative comparison to a low-pressure mercury lamp (LP-Hg, λ=185/254 nm) for water purification",Chemosphere,144 (2017) 811–815. (IF = 4.2),2017
2017 Al-Gharabli, S, Mavukkandy, M. O, Kujawa, J, Nunes, S. P, Arafat, H. A,"Activation of PVDF membranes through facile hydroxylation of the polymeric dope",Journal of Material Research,32 (2017) 4219-4231. (IF = 1.6),2017
2017 S. Al-Gharabli, J. Kujawa, M. O. Mavukkandy, H. A. Arafat,"Functional groups docking on PVDF membranes: Novel Piranha approach",European Polymer Journal,96 (2017) 414-428 (IF= 3.5),2017
2016 A. Al-Halhouli, H. Qitouqa, N. Malkosh, A. Shubbak, S. Al-Gharabli, E. Hamad,"LEGO Mindstorms NXT for elderly and visually impaired people in need: A platform",Technology and Health Care ,24 (2016) 579-585 (IF = 1),2016
2016 L. Tahtamouni, R. Al-Khateeb, R. Abdellatif, Z. Al-Mazaydeh, S.Yasin, S. Al-Gharabli, A. Elkarmi,"Anti-spermatogenic activities of Taraxacum officinale whole plant and leaves aqueous extracts",Veterinary Research Forum ,7 (2016) 89-97,2016
2015 Al-Gharabli, S, Al-Agtash, S, Rawashdeh, N, & Barqawi, K,"Artificial Neural Networks for Dihedral Angles Prediction in Enzyme Loops: a Novel Approach",International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications 11 , 153 - 163,2015
2015 M.O.J. Azzam, S.I. Al-Gharabli, M.S. Al-Harahsheh,"Olive mills wastewater treatment using local natural Jordanian clay", Desalination and Water Treatment,53 (2015) 627-636 (IF = 1.6),2015
2015 S. Al-Gharabli, M. Azzam, M. Addous,"Microwave-Assisted Extraction of Shale Oil from Jordanian Oil Shale",Oil Shale Journal ,32 (2015) 240 – 251 (IF = 1),2015
2015 B.I. El-Eswed, R.I. Yousef, M. Alshaaer, I. Hamadnehd, S.I. Al-Gharabli, F. Khalili ,"Stabilization/solidification of heavy metals in kaolin/zeolite based geopolymers",International Journal of Mineral Processing,137 (2015) 34–42 (IF = 2),2015
2014 Chebouat, E, Dadamoussa, B, Gharabli, S, Gherraf, N, Allaoui, M, Cheriti, A, Lahham, A, & Zellagui, A,"Assessment of antimicrobial activity of flavonoids extract from Ephedra alata",Der Pharmacia Lettre, 6 (3):27-30,2014
2014 Allaoui, M, Cheriti, A, Al-Gharabli, S, Gherraf, N, Chebouat, E, Dadamoussa, B, & Al-Lahham, A,"A Comparative Study of the Antibacterial Activity of Two Chenopodiaceae: Haloxylon scoparium (Pomel) and Traganum nudatum Del", Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences, 5 , 85-89,2014
2014 El-Dahshan, A, Al-Gharabli, S, Radetzki, S, Al-Tel, T, Kumar, P, & Rademann, J,"Flexible, polymer-supported synthesis of sphingosine derivatives provides ceramides with enhanced biological activity", Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 22 ,pp 5506-12,2014
2014 ," Reversible polymeric nano-beads as a dynamic gene delivery vehicle in cancer therapy",Second Arab American Frontiers Symposium in Muscat, 13-15,2014
2014 Al-Gharabli, S, Abu El-Rub, Z, & Khanfar, M,"High Throughput Screening of Oil Content in Jordanian Oil Shale Using ATR-FTIR and Refractive Index Techniques",Paper Presented at the 7th Jordan International Chemical Engineering (JIChE 07) Conference,Amman, Jordan,2014
2012 Ahsanullah, , Al-Gharabli, S, & Jörg Rademann, Org. Lett.," Soluble Peptidyl Phosphoranes for Metal-Free, Stereoselective Ligations in Organic and Aqueous Solution",14 (1), pp 14–17,2012
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2005 Abdel-Jalil, R, Khanfar, M, Al-Gharabli, S, El-Abadelah, M, Eichele, K, Anwer, M, & Voelter, W,"High Throughput Synthesis of Pyrazolozpyrimidines via Copper-Cataysed Cyclyzation and X-ray Study",Heterocycles, 65 (8), 1821-1827,2005
2005 Warad, I, Al-Gharabli, S, Al-Labadi, A, Abu-Rayyan, A,"Synthesis, characterization and NMR studies of novel hemilabile neutral and dicationic palladium(II) complexes: Pd(h2-Ph2PCH2CH2OCH3)2 and Pd(h1-Ph2PCH2CH2O-CH3)2diamine by using ether-phosphine ligand",Journal of Saudi Chemical Society,9(3), 507-518,2005
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