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2018 T. A. Agbaje, S. Al-Gharabli, M. O. Mavukkandy, J. Kujawa, H. A. Arafat,"PVDF/magnetite blend membranes for enhanced flux and salt rejection in membrane distillation",Desalination,436 (2018) 69–80. (IF = 6.6),2018
2018 Elizalde, C. N. B, Al-Gharabli, S, Kujawa, J, Mavukkandy, M, Hasan, S. W, Arafat, H. A,"Fabrication of blend polyvinylidene fluoride/chitosan membranes for enhanced flux and fouling resistance",Separation and Purification Technology ,190 (2018) 68-76. (IF = 3.4),2018
2018 Al-Gharabli, S, Kujawa, J, Mavukkandy, M. O, Agbaje, T. A, Hamad, E. M, Arafat, H. A,"Covalent surface entanglement of polyvinylidene fluoride membranes with carbon nanotubes",European Polymer Journal,100 (2018) 153-164. (IF = 3.5),2018
2018 Samer Al-Gharabli, Eyad Hamad, Munib Saket, Ziad Abu El-Rub, Hassan Arafat, Wojciech Kujawski , Joanna Kujawa,"Advanced material - ordered nano-tubular ceramic membrane covalently capped with single wall carbon nanotubes",Materials 2018,11(5), 739, (Q1, 5-Year IF: 3.236),2018 [View]
2018 Samer Al-Gharabli, Wojciech Kujawski, Ziad Abu El-Rub, Eyad M. Hamad, Joanna Kujawa,"Enhancing membrane performance in removal of hazardous VOCs from water by modified fluorinated PVDF porous material",Journal of Membrane Science,556, 214-226, (Q1, five years IF: 5.983),2018 [View]
2017 Al-Gharabli, S, Mavukkandy, M. O, Kujawa, J, Nunes, S. P, Arafat, H. A,"Activation of PVDF membranes through facile hydroxylation of the polymeric dope",Journal of Material Research,32 (2017) 4219-4231. (IF = 1.6),2017
2017 S. Al-Gharabli, J. Kujawa, M. O. Mavukkandy, H. A. Arafat,"Functional groups docking on PVDF membranes: Novel Piranha approach",European Polymer Journal,96 (2017) 414-428 (IF= 3.5),2017
2017 E.M. Hamad, Rawashdeh, N, M.F. Khanfar, E.N. Al-Qasem, S.I. Al-Gharabli,"Neural Network Based Prediction of 3D Protein Structure as a Function of Enzyme Family Type and Amino Acid Sequences",Jordan Journal of Biological Sciences ,10 (2017) 73-78,2017
2017 S. Al-Gharabli, W. Kujawski, H. A. Arafat, J. Kujawa,"Tunable separation via chemical functionalization of polyvinylidenefluoride membranes using piranha reagent",Journal of Membrane Science,541 (2017) 567-579 (IF= 6.7).,2017
2017 J. Kujawa, S. Al-Gharabli, W. Kujawski, K. Knozowska,"Molecular grafting of fluorinated and non-fluorinated alkylsiloxanes on various ceramic membrane surfaces for the removal of VOCs applying vacuum membrane distillation",ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,9 (2017) 6571-6590 (IF= 8.1),2017
2017 M.O. Mavukkandy, M.R. Bilad, J. Kujawa, S. Al-Gharabli, H.A. Arafat,"On the effect of fumed silica particles on the structure, properties and application of PVDF membranes",Separation and Purification Technology ,187 (2017) 365-373 (IF = 3.4),2017
2017 S. Chakraborty, S. Loutatidou, G. Palmisano, J. Kujawa, M. O. Mavukkandy, S. Al-Gharabli, E. Curcio, H. A. Arafat ,"Photocatalytic hollow fiber membranes for the degradation of pharmaceutical compounds in wastewater ",Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering ,5 (2017) 5014–5024,2017
2017 L.H. Tahtamouni, R.N. Abdellatif, R.A. Al-Khateeb, Z.A Al-Mazaydeh, S.R. Yasin, S. I. Al-Gharabli, A.Z. Elkarmi,"Inhibitory effect of Taraxacum officinale L (Compositae) aqueous root extract on spermatogenesis",Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research ,16 (2017) 109-118 (IF = 0.659).,2017
2017 S. Al-Gharabli, P. Engeßer, D. Gera, S. Klein, T. Oppenlände,"Engineering of a highly efficient Xe2*-excilamp (xenon excimer lamp, λmax=172 nm, η=40 %) and qualitative comparison to a low-pressure mercury lamp (LP-Hg, λ=185/254 nm) for water purification",Chemosphere,144 (2017) 811–815. (IF = 4.2),2017
2016 A. Al-Halhouli, H. Qitouqa, N. Malkosh, A. Shubbak, S. Al-Gharabli, E. Hamad,"LEGO Mindstorms NXT for elderly and visually impaired people in need: A platform",Technology and Health Care ,24 (2016) 579-585 (IF = 1),2016
2016 L. Tahtamouni, R. Al-Khateeb, R. Abdellatif, Z. Al-Mazaydeh, S.Yasin, S. Al-Gharabli, A. Elkarmi,"Anti-spermatogenic activities of Taraxacum officinale whole plant and leaves aqueous extracts",Veterinary Research Forum ,7 (2016) 89-97,2016
2015 Al-Gharabli, S, Al-Agtash, S, Rawashdeh, N, & Barqawi, K,"Artificial Neural Networks for Dihedral Angles Prediction in Enzyme Loops: a Novel Approach",International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications 11 , 153 - 163,2015
2015 M.O.J. Azzam, S.I. Al-Gharabli, M.S. Al-Harahsheh,"Olive mills wastewater treatment using local natural Jordanian clay", Desalination and Water Treatment,53 (2015) 627-636 (IF = 1.6),2015
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2015 B.I. El-Eswed, R.I. Yousef, M. Alshaaer, I. Hamadnehd, S.I. Al-Gharabli, F. Khalili ,"Stabilization/solidification of heavy metals in kaolin/zeolite based geopolymers",International Journal of Mineral Processing,137 (2015) 34–42 (IF = 2),2015
2014 Al-Gharabli, S, Abu El-Rub, Z, & Khanfar, M,"High Throughput Screening of Oil Content in Jordanian Oil Shale Using ATR-FTIR and Refractive Index Techniques",Paper Presented at the 7th Jordan International Chemical Engineering (JIChE 07) Conference,Amman, Jordan,2014
2014 Chebouat, E, Dadamoussa, B, Gharabli, S, Gherraf, N, Allaoui, M, Cheriti, A, Lahham, A, & Zellagui, A,"Assessment of antimicrobial activity of flavonoids extract from Ephedra alata",Der Pharmacia Lettre, 6 (3):27-30,2014
2014 Allaoui, M, Cheriti, A, Al-Gharabli, S, Gherraf, N, Chebouat, E, Dadamoussa, B, & Al-Lahham, A,"A Comparative Study of the Antibacterial Activity of Two Chenopodiaceae: Haloxylon scoparium (Pomel) and Traganum nudatum Del", Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences, 5 , 85-89,2014
2014 El-Dahshan, A, Al-Gharabli, S, Radetzki, S, Al-Tel, T, Kumar, P, & Rademann, J,"Flexible, polymer-supported synthesis of sphingosine derivatives provides ceramides with enhanced biological activity", Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 22 ,pp 5506-12,2014
2014 ," Reversible polymeric nano-beads as a dynamic gene delivery vehicle in cancer therapy",Second Arab American Frontiers Symposium in Muscat, 13-15,2014
2012 Ahsanullah, , Al-Gharabli, S, & Jörg Rademann, Org. Lett.," Soluble Peptidyl Phosphoranes for Metal-Free, Stereoselective Ligations in Organic and Aqueous Solution",14 (1), pp 14–17,2012
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2005 Abdel-Jalil, R, Khanfar, M, Al-Gharabli, S, El-Abadelah, M, Eichele, K, Anwer, M, & Voelter, W,"High Throughput Synthesis of Pyrazolozpyrimidines via Copper-Cataysed Cyclyzation and X-ray Study",Heterocycles, 65 (8), 1821-1827,2005
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