About the Center
Behavioral Change: Applied Human Factors to Road Safety- January 2018
Vehicles maintenance and Safety for females- March 2018
Vehicles maintenance and safety for females- March 2018
Road Safety Seminar: Public Transportation in Jordan- March 2018
Road Safety Seminar: Automated and Connected Vehicles- March 2018
Road Safety Seminar: Traffic management during the construction of mega infrastructure- April 2018
Road Safety Seminar: Mobility in Amman - April 2018
Closing Ceremony- Road Safety education program May 2018
Vehicles Maintenance and Safety for females- February 2018
GJU students participating the RACJ safe driving workshop

About the Center

The German Jordanian University in cooperation with Hikmat Road Safety has established the Road Safety Center of Excellence in 2008. Our main activities revolve around Education, Engineering and Enforcement.



The center aims at contributing to reducing the road accidents fatalities, as well as creating safer and more sustainable roads for all the road users in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.



Providing a unique range of specialist services to local authorities in addition to organizing educational activities and training sessions that aim at capacity building progress in the area of Road Safety.