Scholarship for Summer Language Courses in Germany 2022

Deadline expired for 2022. Next nomination in 2023

(Last updated: June 2022)


Funding is provided for course fees over a duration of approximately four weeks; lump sum for travel expenses; accommodation in Germany according to the facilities provided by the organizing institution.

Please note: The courses will again take place in person in Germany. 


No application required.


Nomination by the German Language Center / the School of Applied Humanities and Languages following the results of German II and III/ GPA.  Only students in the B2 track and at the end of their second study year (enrolled in that semester in German III or IV) are eligible. The nomination will happen approx. in late April/beginning of May. Scholarships are allocated once a year. 


Allocation of scholarships through the International Office following the nominations by the German Language Center / the School of Applied Humanities and Languages in accordance with the available number of scholarships. One summer course scholarship is awarded each year based on a recommendation by the Deanship of Student Affairs. 

The allocation of the place in Germany where the summer language course will take place, is done by the International Office and at random. The possible locations are: 



IIK Berlin:

IIK Düsseldorf:




Approximately one month, depending on the length of the course. Courses will be held in August and September 2022.

What is included? Placement test and final test (including certificate) , 100 lessons, 20 hours independent online learning, access to the training center with more than 13.000 exercises. All levels covered. 


Course 1: in August 2022

Course 2 : September 2022


Each course offers two different schedules, they will be announced. 

Courses take place from Monday till Friday.

A placement test will be held online before the course starts.

Extension Due to the nature of this scholarship, no extension is possible.

Only students at the end of the second study year enrolled in that semester in German III or IV are eligible. German Citizens are excluded and cannot receive funds.


The International Affairs Department will support you with your visa application. 

Please note that GJU students cannot skip a language course back at GJU afterwards by attending and passing this summer course. It is meant to improve your German only, but it will not substitute any GJU language courses. 


If you have any further questions, please contact: 


Commitment of the Scholarship holder

The scholarship holder has to sign a declaration of acceptance assuring that he/she will not make use of any funding options provided through other institutions for the duration of the scholarship period. Additionally any changes which might effect the scholarship (like the change of major or the change of the University in Jordan) have to be reported to the International Office immediately. Scholarship holders are expected to act as an example for other students and to represent the vision of their German donor in order to fostering academic and intercultural exchange between Germany and Jordan.


The Project Office at the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal and the International Office at German-Jordanian University are bound by the requirements and regulations on behalf of the DAAD. Regulations and requirements can change from one funding period to another. The current information provided is exclusively referring to the current funding period. The International Office does not assume any liability for an incorrect presentation of the above mentioned regulations and requirements


Self payer for Summer Language Courses in Germany

(updated last: June 2022)

Summer Course in Germany self- payers

If you have not been awarded a scholarship by the German Language Center you have the option of going to Germany for the summer course on your own cost.


Please note

  • Please note that GJU students cannot skip a language course back at GJU afterwards by attending and passing this summer course. It is meant to improve your German only, but it will not substitute any GJU language courses
  • The IO will assist you with your visa appointment but you need to apply for the course first and share the payment record with us
  • You completing a language course during this time is a visa requirement. Do not misuse the visa you are provided with, please take part in the course that you are registered for (you will also be asked to sign a code of conduct in regards to this.)

To apply please select amongst our partner universities below. The link will lead you directly to the registration page for the summer course: 



IIK Berlin:

IIK Düsseldorf: 



Please register for courses taking place in August or September 2022 only!



The deadline to apply is Saturday, 7th of May, 2022. You will be counted as a participant in the summer course once you have sent us the record of payment for the course to the following email:

For any questions regarding this program firstly kindly read the information on the partner university webpage. Further questions can be directed to:


Current information on Covid-19 in Germany:

The number of new infections reported daily are currently going down and many sectors are open again without any restrictions. Nevertheless, the number of new infections reported daily is still at a high level. However, the general COVID-situation in Germany is stable and more and more protective measures were abolished. It is recommended that you take personal responsibility to protect yourself to avoid infection with the Sars-CoV-2 virus (e.g. wearing protective masks in supermarkets, social distancing, etc.). The obligation to wear an FFP2 mask remains in place in local public transport (public transport / e.g. in buses or trains), in public buildings and in healthcare facilities (hospitals, medical practice etc.). There may be regional differences in protective measures, especially regarding the obligation to wear a mask, so it is recommended to always carry an FFP2 mask with you. The FFP2 masks can be bought in drugstores, pharmacies and sometimes also in supermarkets.

Vaccination status

In principle, people who have received 3 vaccinations (“boostered”) with a vaccine approved by the EU (BioN-Tech, Moderna, Johnson&Johnson, Novavax, AstraZeneca) are considered to be fully vaccinated. The last vaccination must be at least 3 months apart from the previous vaccination. Please note that the status "fully vaccinated" applies 14 days after the third vaccination.

If you have only received the booster vaccination with a vaccine approved in the EU (and e.g. the first two vaccinations with Sinovac), we strongly recommend that you do a PCR test (not older than 48 hours upon departure) before you travel. In this way, any complications that may arise when entering Germany can be avoided.

We also recommend that you have a digital vaccination certificate issued (download "Corona certificate for travel” at SANAD) and save it in the CoVPass app (Android/iOs) which is valid throughout the EU. This makes it easier to prove your vaccination status in Germany.


For more information please check out the website of Federal Foreign Office.


Schengen visa requirements:

Please check our Schengen visa-checklist here.