Amman- 7 July 2021


The Design and Visual Communication Department at the School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE) is proud to announce that one of our design students graduates Dana Al-Sheyyab has been chosen by the HUNDRED BEST ARABIC POSTERS competition to be among the BEST HUNDRED ARABIC POSTERS Round 03.

The poster was exhibited from 30 January until 8 May at Warehouse421 in Abu Dhabi as well as from February 11 until March 14 at Ter Delft in Bornem, Belgium.

HUNDRED BEST ARABIC POSTERS” is a competition that honors the best 100 Posters from all over the Arabic World, a dynamic platform aims at documenting the Arab world’s visual culture through selecting and highlighting the best Arabic posters of the region. This competition has established by a group of academics and students, wanting to enrich our design scene that honors the winners through the moving exhibition and the competition catalog.

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