Amman- 9 September 2019

The Library at the German Jordanian University (GJU) organized the first Book Exchange Exhibition for extracurricular books. The exhibition included a collection of academic and non-academic books, novels, self-improvement books, and best- seller books.

The exhibition was held in the new library building for one week and sponsored by the University Book House. It aims to provide the latest books and novels in English to encourage students to read and explore

The Director of the Library, Dr. Aziz Madi, pointed out that the modern library faces many opportunities and challenges at the same time. It must break the stereotype as a place of holding of books, but it is a space of knowledge, sharing, and developing, in addition to creating different events and initiatives.

He also announced that the Second Book Exchange Exhibition would be arranged on the coming semester, with a focus on academic books. He mentioned that the exchange process was handled directly by the students and visitors without the assistance of the library's staff.

By using a documentation system, the Exchange rate reached 50%. The exhibition also welcomed book donations that increased the number of books.

The Library's visitors appreciated the event, especially the students who enjoyed the exchange that coincided with their summer vacation.