Amman- 3 July 2019

On Monday, June 23, 2019, GJU celebrated the start of the first Dual Studies Program in Jordan. Dual Studies is an approach that connects theoretical knowledge with practical experiences. Students who are studying within this program will finish their University education with more than one year of practical experience in their study field.

Over a period of three study years, they will spend phases of practical education at the same company and will be paid for their work. The program tackles a shortcoming that has been addressed from the private sector since many years: The lack of practical relevance of academic education in Jordan – often students are not well prepared for working in the labor market. With the Dual Studies program, the GJU is now breaking new ground.

By alternating practical and theoretical phases during the regular study time, students will be ready and prepared for their career directly when they finish their Bachelor Degree.

The event aimed at showing recognition for the involved companies, students, and academic staff, as all of them have worked together to create this innovative study program. Against this context, GJU’s President Prof. Manar Fayyad thanked all involved parties "You have not only copied a program but together developed a Jordanian Model of Dual Studies for the German Jordanian University." addressing the students. She pointed out that their choice for the next years is to go the extra mile.

The requirements of the program will demand a lot from them, not only that they will spend most of their vacation time working in their partner companies, but also they will have a very limited time for make-up courses.

Vice President Prof. Dorit Schuman gave a special ‘Thanks’ to the participating companies. “Without your courage to walk new paths and your willingness to actively participate in the education of young people, such a program would not be possible”, she stated.

As the first study program that has a Dual Studies track is the Bachelor Program for Logistics Sciences, Dr. Malek Alsharairi, Dean of the School of Management and Logistic Sciences, emphasized his pride that the first Dual Studies program introduced in Jordan will be from his school. “It is a great honor to take part in the development of a University study program that is not only unique in Jordan but also new in the whole Arab region.”

The Dual Studies Program at GJU is supported by the German Development Cooperation giz. On behalf of giz, Dr. Wolfgang Frohberg pointed out that it is always a special moment when programs supported by giz, after a long preparation phase, are coming to life. “In Germany, it took us decades to develop the Dual Studies System that we are having now, so don’t feel frustrated when not everything is running smoothly from the first attempt, you will learn from challenges and grow together with you experiences” was his message to the participants of the event.

After the opening speeches, Dr. Manar Fayyad handed over the signed training contracts and personally congratulated each company and all involved students.

The following companies are partners within GJUs Dual Studies Logistic Sciences Program:

Al-Roward for Publishing and Distribution, Aqaba Logistics Village, Central Trade & Auto Co., CMA CGM, Fine Hygienic Holding, Ikea, Amin Kawar & Sons, Maani Ventures, Maersk Jordan, Masafat Specialized Transport, Naouri Group, Petra Drugstore, and Zain.

The Dual Studies Team organized the event. Special thanks go to Prof. Dr. Zyad Haddad, for sharing the SABE campus for this event.

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