Amman-  September 3, 2016


The German Jordanian University organized the first GJU Alumni Reunion in order to maintain communication channels with GJU former classmates and keep them informed of the university’s achievements and make them part of its future.

At the event GJU former classmates met where they reminisce about their school days and bring each other up to date on what has happened since they went their separate ways,  they also met with some of their former teachers and had the chance to meet with our current GJU President Professor Natheer Abu Obeid.  

Professor Abu Obeid welcomed all GJU former students and emphasized that they are lucky being a graduates of such a great model institution, briefing them on the latest most important events and achievements of GJU, and the very important guests that the university had the privilege to receive.

Finally, he expressed pride of this friendship that combined GJU with them, saying that they will stay a friends of GJU, and today is the beginning of the GJU Alumni launch , where they would always meet to maintain a positive relationship and that the alumni will support them in their professional and personal lives through activities such as the facilitation of social and professional networks.