Amman- 18 April 2019

On Thursday, April 11 2019, GJU successfully conducted its first Dual Studies Company Day.

Aim of the event was to facilitate the matching process between students and companies for the first intake in the Dual Studies Track within the B.Sc. Logistics Science Program.

Dr. Malek Alsharairi, Dean of the School of Management and Logistics Sciences, opened the day. He welcomed the participants and highlighted the opportunities but also the challenges of a dual study program. Furthermore, he emphasized his pride that the first dual studies program introduced in Jordan will be from his school.

The Dual Studies Program at GJU is supported by the German Development Cooperation giz. Dr. Wolfgang Frohberg, who is responsible from giz side, stated that it is always good to see, when programs supported by giz are developing. “Bringing today together students and companies, is a very essential step forward”, he stated.

The event’s date was not chosen randomly, as Dr. Luay Jumaa, Chairman of the Department for Logistic Sciences, explained: April 11 is this year also the Global Supply Chain Day. Dr. Jumaa described the concept of the dual studies and how they are integrated into the study department.

The day was also open for parents, giving them the chance to learn more about GJUs Dual Studies Program. As the program is unique in Jordan, many questions turned around organizational aspects but also the recognition of the degree within the Jordanian university system was a topic. The Academic Dual Studies Coordinator Dr. AbdelRahim Alsoussi explained the advantages of the program and clarified that the Bachelor Degree students will achieve from the Dual Studies Program is identical with the regular Bachelor, but equips the student with more than a full year of practical experiences.

After the opening students and companies had the chance to meet and get a first impression of each other. More than 30 first-year students from the Logistics Sciences Department were using the chance to learn more about GJUs partner companies.

Within the feedback session after the event, all companies expressed their satisfaction. “We had very good conversations with interesting young people who already were asking the right questions”, one of the company representatives stated.

The following companies are partners within GJUs Dual Studies Logistic Sciences Program:

Al-Roward for Publishing and Distribution, Aqaba Logistics Village, Fine Hygienic Holding, Ikea, Amin Kawar & Sons, Maani Ventures, Maersk, Masafat Specialized Transport, Naouri Group, Petra Drugstore and Zain.

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