Amman- 9 October 2019

As the first University in Jordan GJU implemented a new study concept: Dual Studies. Students studying in this track are not only gaining theoretical knowledge but also practical experiences, through working a prolonged summer term within a company. Now the first 17 students (13 from Logistics Sciences and 4 from Computer Sciences) finished their first practical phase. This first experience was evaluated as a complete success from all sides. Here are some quotations, from the involved groups:


I was not sure if ‘Logistics’ was the right study choice, but this practical phase helped me to understand the opportunities of logistics and to connect the theory with practice.

It was a challenge to work 8 hours, but I had the feeling that I could support my colleagues and that my work makes a difference.

I have the feeling that I am different person; I learned time management and what it means to take responsibility.


We can shape a new employee from the beginning of his / her studies, this will pay back on the long run.

In-company-trainer-training helped us to sharpen our training plans and methods for the whole company.

The students sometimes are challenging you which their questions to think about processes.

 University Lecturers

The students learned to communicate in a different way; I can see big differences in emails I got from students before the practical phase and now.

When I was looking at the presentations, the students were giving, they are much better than what we usually see from first year students, they learned to speak technical language and how to introduce a topic.


The partner companies are:

Ikea, Amin Kawar, Petra Drugstore, Naouri Group, Zain, Masafat, Aqaba Logistics Village, Maersk, Central Trade & Auto (Toyota), CMA CGM, Fine Hygenic, Maani Ventures, Al Roward for Printing and Publishing, Umniah, Intrasoft


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