From 17 to 25 November 2018, The School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE) at the German Jordanian University (GJU) hosted a workshop entitled “Smart Zero Energy Housing” which was organized and conducted by Prof. Gunther Benkert and Dr. h.c. Juergen Koeberlein, both from the FHWS, Wuerzburg Germany in Amman.

In this workshop, supported by Erasmus Plus as a collaboration between FHWS (University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt) and SABE, more than 25 students were taught in using Simulation Software, to improve their skills in designing energy efficiency houses.

In the beginning, there was an introductory lecture of Dr. h.c. Juergen Koeberlein at the Business Administration Center, where he introduced the Hottgenroth Building Simulation Software, that he organized and brought to GJU as a gift (40 licenses with a value of about 100.000 Euro). 

On the second day at SABE, Prof. Gunther Benkert gave a lecture ‘Form Follows Energy' to give the GJU students more information about energy-efficient designed houses. The students then, supported by Prof. Benkert and Dr. Köberlein worked on their projects in using the energy simulation software to optimize their design and reduce the energy consumption of their houses.


Finally, Prof. Dr. Omaimah Ali, as the GJU Workshop-Supervisor and Dr. h.c. Juergen Koeberlein took part in the presentation at SABE, on November 25, 2018.

During their stay in Jordan, Prof. Benkert, and Dr. h.c. Köberlein visited as well a Beduin camp at Wadi Rum, to prepare their next workshop called: ‘renewable energy systems in desert regions’ planned for 2019.

Prof. Benkert and Dr. Köberlein would like to say thank you, for the beautiful stay and the warm welcome at the GJU.