Amman- March 23 , 2016


Under the patronage of GJU’s President Prof. Natheer Abu Obeid, the university celebrated the “National Tree Day” along with GJU students, on Wednesday 23th of March. 

National Tree Day is an opportunity to students and the whole community to do something positive for the local environment,  reconnect with nature and spreading the spirit of solidarity. 

President of GJU, Prof Abu Obeid seized the opportunity to deliver the message of planting the annual tree in the GJU campus that sparks this year the global peace movement we need in those harsh times, spreading peace and quiet throughout the world and how peace starts within.   

President pointed out that one culturally prevalent action we can take against terrorism that causes blasts, blood and fear all over around the world is to promote the concept of peace, and the sense of self-responsibility.

On this occasion, the president was pleased to announce the new name of GJU main street;  "Promenade of Peace" , and the launch of an internal  GJU initiative about having a smoke free campus environment.