Amman- April 9, 2017 


On 9 April 2017, GJU Donated a Computer lab to Al-Adasseieh School in Naaour, under the supervision of Local Community Affairs, and Information Systems and Technology Center.

Prof. Natheer Abu Obied the President of GJU, said that GJU is aware of its social responsibilities toward the community, and the importance of working together to benefit our beloved country, adding that students in schools must acquire the support for an ideal and sustainable environment that leads to a better learning experience.

Parliamentary Member Hasan Mefleh Al-Ajarmeh pointed out the distinguished role of the university, and its contribution to the local community to raise the ability of their students, by providing them with the appropriate tools to support them in their study.

From her side The Principle of the school Dr. Nawal Abu Radn appreciated the donation saying that it’s a symbol of university’s loyalty and belonging to our country.

At the end of the ceremony the guests took a tour into the school’s facilities including the computer and science labs, with the company of former Parliamentary Member Abd Thawabieh, Director of the Information Systems and Technology Center Dr. Firas Al-Hawari, Advisor to President for Local Community Affairs Abdalhakeem Arabiyyat, presenters from Community policing, and The Supplies and Tenders department.