Amman- 27 January 2021

The German Jordanian University (GJU) graduate, Jude Abu ElGhanam- the School of Architecture and Built environment (SABE), won the second prize in the category of documentation projects. Her project: 'Documenting the site of the restored Baqoura' was supervised by Dr. Farouk Yaghmour.

Jude was honored during a ceremony where the representative of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Secretary-General of the Minister Dr. Emad Hijazin at its headquarters, honored the winners of the Urban Heritage Conservation Award, in the first two categories for the architectural and historical documentation of buildings and heritage monuments in the governorates of the Kingdom, and the second for development and rehabilitation projects.

The award, launched by the Ministry, aims to document and prepare studies for buildings and heritage sites in the governorates of the Kingdom, and to study the method of rehabilitation to benefit its owners through graduation projects for architecture students in Jordanian universities.

About her project in Al-Baqourah Area, Jude said “Choosing the site was based on responding to the issue of the area’s inaccessibility and abandonment by narrating the site’s story and shedding light on the area, which investigates the architectural, historical, and natural importance of Al-Baqourah area. The idea was about capturing the exquisite abandoned & unreclaimed controversial land of Al-Baqourah, located on the Northern borderline between Jordan & Occupied Palestine by a journey that narrates the site's story and uncovers the inaccessible fragments of the site which holds historical, natural & architectural significance, through a journeythat sheds the light on this forgotten site. A walking trail, which follows the trace of the pre-existing railway, stitches existing fragments as well as new minimal interventions, reducing materials to those on-site plus cor-ten steel, inspired by the industrial ruins on site."