The ICCROM Athar Awards for Good Practices in Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management in the Arab Region (2020) were announced on November 10, 2020. The Center for the Study of Natural and Cultural Heritage (CSNACH) at GJU had submitted a project titled “Restoration of the Ancient Nabatean Flood Control System at Petra Jordan”. This project, which was funded by the U.S. Ambassador Fund, was recognized through the “Recognition of Excellence Award for Archaeological Sites”

The award committee acknowledged the high scientific value of the project, utilizing modern techniques for the restoration of the terraces and dams that comprised the ancient flood control system in Petra. The committee also noted the importance of the training afforded to the local community in the rebuilding and maintaining these elements of this system, ensuring its long term sustainability and ultimately the protection of the center of Petra and its priceless monuments.

On a broader note, the committee noted that this projects establishes a highly desirable precedent in the reviving the use of ancient technologies for risk management in environmentally friendly ways.