Amman- 4 October 2020

The German Jordanian University (GJU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Albrige Company for bus rental and tourist transport for providing a service to transport students and employees directly for those wishing to participate in the service to and from the campus of GJU.

Director of the Services Department, Hatem Al-Shawabkeh, stated that the University was eager to deal with a company with the highest standards and quality at reasonable prices to encourage both students and employees to use the transport service.

He added that according to the MoU, Albrige Company would provide Buses of model 2020-2021 and with high-quality specifications and equipped with means of safety and public safety of extinguishers, GPS tracking devices, safety belts, WI-FI service, in addition to well-qualified and experienced staff.

Al-Shawabkeh stressed that the Company is committed to all laws, procedures, and specifications, especially the ones subject to defense orders that require social distancing, wearing masks, and continuous sterilization of buses under the supervision of the external transport division at GJU.

It is worth mentioning that Albrige Company is distinguished by meeting the requirements of the Jordanian market in its highest form in the field of bus rental (road transport) of all sizes, shapes, and characteristics.