Amman- 28 September 2020

Hussein Obaeidat, a student at the German Jordanian University (GJU) in his fourth year in the School of Applied Technical Science (SATS) - Industrial Engineering, participated in the Jordanian Dream Essay Competition 2020", organized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) Jordan, in jury partnership with the German Embassy and the German Jordanian University.

Hussein managed to win among the top five in the competition. The winners are getting the chance to visit Berlin, Germany, where they will receive the opportunity to experience and learn more about German politics. 

Check out what Hussein had to say about his remarkable achievement.

“I never wrote anything before participating in FNF's competition, so that was my first experience in writing something outside of the University, but the theme of the competition “Jordanian Dream” was interesting and persuasive enough to make me write an essay."


“I chose the topic, Public Participation in Decision-Making for Development, it is a dream of mine to have an increased and responsible public participation in the future, but some obstacles are preventing this from happening. Therefore, I wrote about how we could face and overcome these obstacles.” While writing, I kept dreaming of overcoming the difficulties to make Jordan a better place from our participation and be a vital part of the change, and that’s what kept me motivated.”

“Frankly, I was surprised to be among the five winners. It is a great feeling to be rewarded for your Jordanian dream. Lastly, it is nice to see organizations like FNF creating a platform and competitions like this for the Jordanian youth, and it is great to see our University sharing these types of competitions with us.”

Congratulations Hussein! We wish you more success and progress!


To read Hussein's winning essay, click here.