Amman- 7 February 2021


The German Jordanian University (GJU) students have won two prizes in the graduation projects competition for engineering students in Jordanian universities for the year 2020, which is organized annually by the Jordanian Engineers Association (JEA) to motivate students to upgrade and raise the level of competition between creative and creative ideas for various engineering graduation projects.


Student Bashar Shaer and his supervisor Dr. Ala' Khalifeh from the Electrical Engineering Department- School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (SEEIT), won second place for the project "Cloud Wireless sensor network." The project aimed at designing and implementing a wireless sensor network (WSN) that can be used to monitor some phenomena such as atmosphere temperature, pressure, humidity, etc. of an Area of Interest (AoI) and provides the user with a visual interface utilizing the cloud infrastructure.The project was implemented in collaboration with Jordan Design and Development Bureau (JODDB) - KADDB previously as the project industrial partner. 


Engineering students from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and Mechanical Engineering Department, Yazan Al-Mitwali and Batool Alabdellat succeeded in obtaining the third place in the competition for their project “Green Sustainable University: Case Study German Jordanian University, under the supervision of Dr. Muna Hindiyeh and Dr. Bashar Hammad.The project aimed to evaluate the German Jordanian University according to the procedures and roles that it performs according to the international benchmarks for the classification of sustainable green universities. To reach the strengths and weaknesses, where a comprehensive audit and evaluation of energy, water and solid waste consumption was carried out.

The students conducted a study of the current reality and advanced modern engineering solutions these outcomes are the result of the German Jordanian University’s policy that focuses on technical and applied education. In its endeavor to excel and gain its place among the best international universities, the German Jordanian Government University, which was established in 2005, makes many efforts in the field of sustainability and environmental preservation. Understand how important the relationship between environment and education is.

Green and sustainable campuses is an effort taken by universities throughout the world to ensure mutual prosperity in the future. Campus sustainability has also been the focus of global issues by university planners and policy marked as a result of realizing the impact of university activities on the environment. Similarly, German Jordanian University has initiated efforts to try to achieve a sustainable campus at the university level.

This research introduce some efforts and activities undertaken by GJU to convert the campus towards a green, resource efficient and low-carbon sustainable campus emphasizing setting and infrastructure, energy management, waste management, water management, and education and research. With the uprising sustainability revolution, the commitment of the University towards a sustainable green campus in progress. Having the adequate and forceful resources and efforts supports achieving this goal.