On Thursday, January 23, 2020, The Consultation and Training Center (CTC) at the German Jordanian University (GJU) in cooperation with School of Applied Humanities and Languages (SAHL) celebrated the graduation of the seventh batch of Professional Training in Social Work: Refugees and Migrants. This Professional Training included 26 students from a number of countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan, Germany, France and Spain.

The ceremony was attended by the President of GJU Prof. Manar Fayyad , the Director of CTC Dr. Omar Shubailat and the Head of Social Work Department, Prof. Christine Huth-Hildebrandt. The ceremony emphasized the importance of this program in preparing graduates to be able to meet the challenges related to refugees.

Fayyad congratulated the graduates and thanked all those who worked on the program for their efforts and achievements. She also described the role of the German Jordanian University and its cooperation with the relevant authorities in the field of social work, especially migrant and refugees, in order to provide the information that students need and to provide them with scientific and practical experiences in this field.

Shubailat expressed his happiness and pride of graduates, showing the importance and the goals of the program, which combines the theoretical and practical aspects of the field training in dealing with migrants and refugees.

Hildebrandt stated that the diversity of students in their nationalities and cultures contributed to enriching the program with more creative and valuable ideas.

At the end of the ceremony, certificates were distributed to the Professional Training students.

The Professional Training focuses on addressing the challenges of refugees and migrants, provides an understanding of refugees and migrants in the context of conflict, social and political change, bringing together national, regional and international perspectives to include the current pressing issues of refugees.